immune system

I had two lymph node clearances several years ago and have lymphoedema in one arm. Does that mean my immune system is compromised? Will it affect my chances of getting coronavirus?

Hi Anneloes

This is an anxious time for all of us, particularly those still immune-compromised. I had full axillary clearance 18 months ago and I’ve been assured it doesn’t affect immunity - other clusters of lymph nodes step in to do the work. You may find this article helpful, written by the nurses on this site. As you’ll see, you’re not alone in your concerns :’ve-had-breast-cancer-i’m-worried-about-coronavirus-what-should-i-do?_ga=2.59760557.1690435719.1584660781-958504195.1569962892

I hope it reassures you but it’s hard when we know so little isn’t it? Take good care of yourself but don’t worry about those nodes - they saved your life at the time!  If you’re still worried after reading it, why not ring the number at the top and talk to someone who might reassure you.

Jan x