Implant boob really achey...

Had skin sparing mx with immediate implant recon nearly 5 weeks ago, it’s been fine till now…well, that weird mix of numb/tender/scratchy… But tonight it really aches, the rib area behind the implant and just below too. How long before these new boobs settle down and behave?? I am very tired tonight too, hot and bothered…think I might have pushed a bit too far today, been walking and working and cooking and housework and it’s a warm day (even warmer with my tropical moments!)

I had similar mx and implant recon (with stratice mesh) back in October. I still find that if I over-do it I get an achy arm/boob/armpit with swelling in the armpit (and boob). I suspect that some of it is the missing lymph nodes but some is down to the fact that the chest muscle has been moved to outside the implant and has to get used to it’s new position. If I have over-done it, I generally recover in a few days - just to lift too heavy shopping, do too much pruning in the garden, lift a child out of bed etc and start again.
I hope someone else comes on with better news.

Hi Ali
I had the same op last year,and to be honest it takes months to settle down, i found the more you do and the hotter you get it swells, and aches. five weeks is too soon to be doing to much,It does get better though but take it easy.are you going to have a nipple reconstruction? I did and I was so glad I did .

I have this temp implant too.

I had some wierd sensations but no pain, others dd.

I think best thing is to phone breast nurse and ask, just in case it’s anything else. My wee pump thing has moved and can be a bit uncomfortable.

I got mine in early may, im getting my chemo now and it caves in a bit and is a little itchy at times… X

Well, it got worse, hot and painful, and then it started to feel much better. Worried in case it was an infection (although stupidly this didnt occurr to me until it was feeling better!) so I dropped in at my hospital breast care unit today, lovely nurse says I’ve probably just overdone it but got appt for tues and emergency contact numbers for the weekend just in case. Got told off for carrying hand bag briefly in that hand, so maybe going back to work early was a bad idea…think I’ll stay off a bit longer.

Going back to work depends on what work you do. My job is officed based (unless I am visiting customers) and I went back to work 19 days post-op, but I am lucky the dh works on the same office, so could act as my chauffeur.
I still over-do it some days (well, every Friday and quite often the rest of the weekend. In some ways going to work Monday-Thursday protects me from myself.
Take care