Implant exchange-smaller implant and mastopexy of other breast


I’ve been referred for the above surgery. I want to be prepared with questions when I see the surgeon. Hopefully the surgery will be in August. Has anyone had similar surgery at the same time. Will I need to stay in hospital, how long did you have off work, were you not able to drive. What were the results of the mastopexy? 

I’m slowly persuading myself not to go ahead with this!! Very stressful time at the moment, my Dad unwell and normal stresses of family life. Need to hear in reality how it is. 

Would really appreciate any responses

thanks all 



I’m due to have mastopexy later this year (seeing my consultant on Thursday to discuss) last time I saw him he said I would be in hospital over night or possibly 2 nights & wouldn’t be able to drive for 3 to 4 weeks. I’ll work from home  whilst I can’t drive as I did after my mastectomy & reconstruction. I’m also having lipofilling to my reconstructed breast (I had quite bad delayed fat necrosis which is quite rare apparently - I’m awkward!!)


Hope that helps.