Implant problems.

Hi everyone.
Can anyone enlighten me, please?
I had a total mastectomy and complete implant in one operation. This was in June, so I’m pretty much recovering from the surgery. The new breast, however seems to be acting up! When I use my arm - eg to hold the banister, going upstairs - my implant tugs across, and crumples. It looks gross, like when I’m stepping in and out of the bath - or just holding on to anything with that same arm.

I told my surgeion about it, and showed the effect it has to the Breast Care Nurse. She said she’s seen that before, but not as bad as mine! I’m now due for a hip replacement (which was delayed due to my cancer), so I don’t want another op, but somehow feel it will be inevitable.
Any knowledge offered - anyone, please xxx

Hi Mercy i am having the same problem I have also spoke to another girls who has .i am 5 years since Mastetomy and I had expander with saline inplant.But i am on my second permanent inplant but has made no differance so going for second opinion out of the area in 2 weeks as i am getting nowhere.If it is the same as mine sounds like it it can be very enbrassing when you have a strappy top on .Will let you know the outcome.

Hi Ruby
Thanks for your answer… Yes, its weird when your boob sort of changes shape - it must be more upsetting in the summer, yes.

I think it must be the muscle causing it… and at first thought it had somehow been stitched down, and caught in the ‘sewing together of the wound’.
In a way, I’m feeling grateful for not being flat chested, but it is sad.
What did your surgeon say?
xx Mercy, me

Hi Mercy going next week as i am not happy to stay like this.I wish I had asked more questions at the begining and not have had 2 ops that hasnt made a differance execpt to bring the inplant down slightly so it doesnt sit high on my chest.I might have gone for a diep it would have all been done with instaed just thinking about it.My ps said she couldnt do anything so we shall see.
Love rubyrubyxx