Implant settling

Hi, just wonder how long it takes for a implant to drop into final position and see the final result. I’m 7 weeks post op from strattice mesh. Implant still quite high, pushing pectoral muscle near armpit up. Making a bulge near armpit. Also rib undernealth reconstructed breast sore like bruised. Also side of implant bruise feeling. How long to it all settles and you are unaware of it. Also implant sometimes show indentation in the morning if I’ve sleep on that side. This settles through the day. Is this all normal and how long to see final result of implant.



Hi Emma, sorry can’t answer your question, but i note that you said your ribs hurtI underneath your recon breast. Mine also, it feels like a ad bruise and I have a mass of swelling that moves when I prod it. Do you think it is fluid? Ifirst noticed ia about day 10 following op. Iwill mention it to BC on next visit. Gosh do we ever stop worrying?
Hopefully my answer will bump your post. Take care and keep well xxxxx

Thanks Cheryl, I’ve sent you a message in your message box xx

HI, I am now 9 months post SSM and immediate straccice reconstruction with silicone implant. I can’t say when I remember the implant settling, it just seemed to gradually do it without me noticing. I was able to sleep on my stomach properly i.e. not having to find ingenious ways to pad me out, after about 4months though I still have to occasionally adjust my breast to get comfortable. I have never though noticed an indentation. I am pleased I made the decision to have a strattice as post op recovery is very fast compared to LD flap. I had my nipple reconstructed in Nov which was great though has flattened out to a little lump now, but for me, even that is better than nothing and I am waiting for my tattoo much to the amusement of my children. As far as ribs hurting, I think this is quite common, I am not sure whether it is because they have lifted the pectoral muscle off the ribs then sewn the strattice on but it does go eventually. Mine kept coming and going and only very occasionally still get it

Thank you Rachael for taking the time to reply, good to know you had the same reconstruction and it settles. I love to sleep on my front and haven’t been able too, so that’s good to hear. It has got softer as weeks go on. I’m nearly 8 weeks post op. It does get tight if I do housework or anything strenuous. I have a 1 year old, 11 and 13 so life is busy! I went swimming today for first time as before this used to swim loads. Breast stroke felt very strange as breast felt tight but it did ease a little but I took it slow.Thanks for reasureing me re rib pain, your mind works overtime. Glad it all settles with time. Xx

I to am a keen swimmer and was back after 6weeks doing very gentle breaststoke as advised by surgeon. At about 12 weeks I started with crawl and backstroke, I did feel the graft pulling a little so went slowly. As you say breastroke does feel funny, even now at 9 months I can still feel the pectoral muscle contracting, also when I shiver in this very cold weather we have had my breast moves as my pec muscle contracts -now there’s a party trick! I would say I have so far recovered 90% of my strength, took longer than I thought but hey, I have entered myself into the great north lake windermere open water swim in June so not doing too bad with my swimming! Keep it up and who knows where you will be this time next year X


I am due to have a MX with immediate implant recon next week. However, I had breast implants 10 months ago after breastfeeding my two babies. I loved my new boobs so much - so I’m very sad to have to have a MX now (but hey - it’ll save my life!).

What i wanted to say is that it took about 4 months for my right breast to drop into place and ‘fluff out’ (which is what happens when they stop looking like implants and start looking more like soft boobs), the other one however took 8 months to drop into place and fluff. And even nwt at 10 months they are looking better all the time. So what ever they look like now - they will look a lot different/better a year down the line.


Thanks meemoo, I’m 3 months now and I can see it has drop from what it was. It has got softer but still looks slightly flatish on top. Its good to know your were pleased. Did you have implant under your pectoral muscle, that’s the thing that takes getting used to. As with everyday movements like housework, swimming you can notice it. Hopefully as you have had implants your mx will be easier for you. The op is pretty straight forward. Hope you are ok, thank goodness you had the implant. Best of luck and thanks again for replying. Lots of love xxx