Implant surgery to healthy breast

I am 9 months down the line following DCIS and mastectomy. Reconstructed breast is larger than my healthy small breast - unfortunately as prior to surgery I said I did not want to consider an implant in my other breast - surgeon suggested I look on it as free breast enhancement! - but I didn’t want to go through another operation. I said if I had wanted larger breasts, I would have had surgery before now - am 54! Now I am being encouraged by consultant to consider this for symmetry reasons. What experiences has anyone had of implant surgery on the healthy breast to try and match symmetry of size with the reconstructed breast? How quickly and successfully do the scars fade? Thank you for any help.

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Might sound a silly question but why can’t you have the implant in the BC side replaced with a smaller one rather than operating on an otherwise healthy breast?

Hi, I’ve just had this done - a month ago in fact. I’d originally had a mx and reconstruction with an expander implant and then had it replaced with a silicone implant. For over a year I had one large pert breast and one small ‘normal’ breast and I asked the same question - why couldn’t I have a smaller reconstruction? My plastic surgeon bless him! Clearly not in the queue when tact and diplomacy were dished out - said (and I quote) because they don’t make implants ‘THAT’ small!':frowning: So I finally agreed to having an implant in the healthy breast because the mismatch was just too pronounced and obvious. I have to say that I am very pleased with the result. The scar is about 2 inches long, in the natural crease under the breast and will be invisible in a few months time. Yes it was a bit painful for a couple of weeks but now I’m back to ‘normal’ and able to do everything that I could do before. The new reconstruction, although still higher than the healthy breast is much more of a match and I am nowhere near as self conscious as I was a couple of months ago. All in all - I took some persuading - but I’m glad I have had it done. I hope that helps a bit.
Val x