Implants - what are your experiences?

Two weeks ago I was diagnosed with cancer in the same breast where I had a lumpectomy over 3 years ago.  So I have to have a mastectomy.

I’m sure it works for some, but a ‘simple’ mastectomy is not for me.  And the 8 hour reconstruction operation using stomach tissue is not something I wish to undergo.

So implants seem to be the only option for me.  I’m size 36DD.  I know I’ll be lop-sided as the implant can’t be as big as my right breast as, if the skin is stretched too much, there is the possibility of necrosis.

What are your experiences of implants  please?  What do I need to be aware of?

Thank you.

Hi @breastcancer1  - I’m very sorry to read that it has returned, but happy to share my implant experience if that helps at all. I had a “pre-pectoral” implant about 4 years ago, meaning it sits in a sling thing (google Braxon) on top of the muscle. I’m quite small chested, but mine don’t match as the implant is bigger, and it’s also more rounded than my real one, but overall I’m happy with it and would still choose it if I had to make the decision again. I even mine out by wearing a mastectomy bra with pockets and putting a breast form over the top of the real one, but you could also ask for a prosthesis - the hospital will fit one for you. I found mine a bit heavy so opted for lighter foam ones.

If I can help with specific questions please ask away. I wish you all the best with making the decision and for your operation. Evie xx

Sorry you’ve found yourself here. My story isn’t too dissimilar: lumpectomy 5-6 years ago, and then another diagnosis in 2020 so had a bilateral mastectomy last January.

My surgeon is pretty blunt, and his comment was “Implants don’t come in your size!” - I was a 34H. So I had a reduction first, let that heal, and then immediate implant recon after the full op. Doing both sides did make some things easier, I guess. I have heard of a lot of women being offered reductions and/or uplifts on the healthy side, to even things up - that’s something you could consider and ask about?

A year on and I am pretty happy with the new ‘girls’. Downsides are loss of sensation, and the possibility of some ‘rippling’ - mine look perfect when I’m standing/dressed, but when I lie down they shift a little under the skin so you can see something. I was offered lipofilling to help correct that, so something else you could ask about.

All of which seems relatively minor for the gains. Primarily the cancer stuff, but they are also a better size (DD/E) for me and will stay perky. They feel like ‘me’ now, too - that took a bit of time, but I don’t really think about it anymore. The scars seem less visible than the lumpectomy ones.

More than happy to answer any other questions.

You have maybe decided by now, but for anyone reading this thread, here’s my recent experience. Right side mastectomy with immediate simple implant (silicon), and to even things up, a left side reduction at the same time. Obviously I was unsure what I would look like etc, but I have to say, it’s way better than I thought. Also, surprisingly, the pain and discomfort was much less than expected. 8 weeks on and got pretty much full movement, breasts look even, although smaller, and scars not too bad already. For me, it was important to have something there, not really what they look like naked, in a bra just looks normal. And these breasts are my new normal. Thankful for our live saving NHS. X