IMPORT HIGH trial - experiences/thoughts etc???


I saw the Oncologist yesterday (Thurs, 22 Mar 2012) regarding radiotherapy and am being given the option of joining the IMPORT HIGH trial.

So, I am in the process of researching this and finding out all I can about it.

I have read various threads in which this trial has been mentioned and so would love to hear experiences, opinions, reasons for not choosing to opt for the trial, implications, thoughts etc.

I find discussing different aspects help me to think around a subject and then be in a better place to make my decision.

I will be contacting the Support Radiographer again, with several questions, speaking with my GP, the BCC chat line and anyone else I can think of who may have some point to offer.

Feel free to offer your honest thoughts etc. I’m happy if you would prefer to PM me, rather than post.

Looking forward to a good, meaningful but light-hearted, discussion/s


I’m on IMPORT HIGH. All seems quite simple.

Hi elttiks
Good to hear from you.

What category of treatment are you having in the trial? Did you do any/much research before deciding on whether to opt for the trial or did you just ‘go for it’?

What stage are you at now?

Sorry for all the questions! I’m always wanting ‘more’ information. I like to explore things of interest/relevance. Must have an inquiring mind, eh?

Thanks for posting, hope to hear from you again very soon.

Hope to hear from others too.


I had the standard treatment. 23 days in total. I had some awful side effects during treatment, which ended in november.
I kind of, went for it. I think partly because I like the idea of the follow up care being ten years.
Lump goes one place. Bloods another and piccys taken every few years and regular postal questionaires done and returned by post. You will also remain under the watch of your oncy for ten years.
I wish now i’d have had a quicker blast, but you don’t get a choice. As long as you have the clips in place after WLE. Have a boob and there is a chance of it returning and have a spare ten years, then go for it. They take good care of you :o)

Hi Chocdrop, I’m also on the Import High trial. I did the Trial 2 which was 15 days over 3 weeks. The boosts are included in the doses instead of being given afterwards. The computer randomly selects which trial you’ll be on. My one was where they give u a lower dose to the area furthest away from where the tumour was & a higher dose in the immediate area.
I was like elttiks, i just went for it really & i also like the fact that u get followed up for 10 years. I did read the gumph they give u but didn’t ask many questions. I did worry a bit that because i was getting a higher dose that my skin would maybe be worse than a standard dose but that didn’t happen. I know poor Elttiks had a bad time with rads but i didn’t have many problems with it. My skin just went a bit red, then it sort of tanned. I slapped loads of aqueaous cream on twice a day & was very gentle with washing etc.
I finished rads a month ago & am getting back to normal. I had quite bad tiredness for the first couple of weeks following the end of rads but went to work part time.
Hope u come to the right decision for u, if u have any other questions just ask or pm us x

Hi there


I have been asked to considered this trial. But am having difficulties in making up my mind about it. Can anyone help?

I’ve also been asked to participate in this trial. I am thinking I will probably take part but will probably talk it through with my GP/ BCN first. My thinking at the moment is that if I can help with research in any way then it’s one way of giving something back but I obviously need to make sure I think it through properly before deciding

I’m also planning to take part in the trial as long as the clips are in place. I too like the idea of 10 year follow up. Will find out when I go for CT scan on 31st July. Rads has been delayed as I have a holiday booked which meant treatment couldn’t be fitted in before I go away. The onc asked me why I booked a holiday knowing I had treatment to complete. I replied “believe it or not I booked the holiday before the cancer diagnosis!”