In a daze!!!

It is two and a half years since my primary diagnosis and I have just been diagnosed with bone mets in the neck and spine. Still awaiting a CT scan to see if there is anything else lurking!!!
I am so scared, thought it was bad the first time round but now it all seems so much worse and I am struggling to hold it together. I don’t think I can face another round of treatment - whatever that may be.
These forums were a god send to me first time round, hoping for some support again, though really wish i didn’t have to be here.

Hi Jax
I am so sorry to hear your news - you must be in shock at your diagnosis - there are many women here with bone mets who have had great success with treatment - I have mets in lymph , bones and liver - all are “multiple!” …too many to count! the treatment for bone mets is very straight forward … with little side effects - I have zometa every 3 weeks - the first time i had flu like symptoms ( which is not unusual) but after that it was OK - I had taxol chemo for liver mets and now about to start another chemo - as liver mets are on the move - I think youu might feel better when you have a treatment plan and start it - which sounds like you are dreading - but there will be many lovely ladies on this site who will encourage and support you - and manage to get on with things, once the shock has subsided - I was diagnosed a year ago and still working - sending you love …Jaynex

Hi Jax
I discovered I had bone mets in May. I’m still not sure I’ve come to terms with it. Unfortunately, I have it in my liver too which was a real shock. I’m having treatment and am still working and carrying on as usual.
Feel free to pm me if I can help in any way.

Hi Jax,

I can empathise with the shock of learning this disease has come back to bite you in the bum. You will find there are quite a number of us here with bone mets dx being treated quite successfully and I hope that offers you some encouragement. I remember so well when mine were dx back in 2002 and really believing I was nearing the end - I had been first dx in 1990 with several recurrences & new primaries over the years but the word 2ndaries sent dread through by being. At very least I thought I would be wheelchair bound in a short space of time. The bone mets were very extensive but I have been on pamidronate (one of the bisphosphonate drugs for bone mets) most of that time, and only just switched to zometa. I couldnt find any record of type of bc you had i.e. hormone neg/pos, her2 neg/pos? Do you know if your tissue was tested for her2 at the time of your original diagnosis? If the mets are causing you a lot of pain you will probably be offered some radiotherapy to help. Initially I had this to my hip and neck, and last year I had more to the other hip and lower back.

Wishing you good results from other scans to come and if we can help then do keep in touch.


Hi Jax, I’m so sorry you have to post here but just to let you know I was diagnosed with bone mets in 2003…I’ve had years of remission since then thanks to good responses to various treatments and I feel really well. I have no pain and need no pain killers. There are some good treatments out there for bone mets and you will always find much support here.
Love Belinda…x

Hi Jax

I am in the same position. I found out on 26th October that my cancer had returned in spine, lungs and possibly liver. I start radiotherapy today. I was diagnosed originally in April 2007.

I will keep in touch and perhaps we can help each other along?

You will see my original post on this forum with more details. Must set off now.

Hugs coming your way xxx


Thank you all so much for your kind words of encouragement it really does make a dfference. Feeling a bit more positive today. I have a portocath being fitted on Monday due to my veins being shot to pieces from previous chemo, then CT scan next Wednesday. After that I will know the true extent of my mets and a treatment plan. I think it’s this hanging in limbo bit which is sometimes the worst. I am off work at the moment as i don’t think i can cope with all that right now, so just keeping busy
The look of these forums has changed quite a bit since my primary diagnosis March 2007, so went i found my way around again I will update my profile and aim to keep in touch with you all.
x x x

luv and hugs to you sheena x