In chemo veritas....

Feeling grumpy and end up saying whatever I feel…
No regard for tact or other people’s feelings.
Not like me at all as I will usually do anything to avoid confrontation.

It’s like being drunk only not so much fun.

Example? Told one of the bosses at work that her spreadsheet was the most confusing I had ever had the misfortune to work with…
Oh dear. Goodbye job? But it was true.

Anyone else?


Linstar - Yes, but so far only to nearest and dearest , have managed to bite my tongue at work…lol. But u have made me laugh, i think we should all start speaking our mins asap…!!! x

OH and I decided it was like PMT-and remembered that I used to say in PMT days-I think this all the rest of the month, its only just now that I am uninhibited enough to say these things!

Yeah, that’s me!
1 year ago I was ending 4 months of sick leave with severe anxiety attacks to the point of suspected epilepsy due to the blackouts and seizures I was having. I had most hospital tests, and that’s when my GP thought it was anx related and started me with beta blockers. I went back to work, this time full time a few weeks later, but still very timid.
Feb this year, cancer, and once again became that timid soul i’d become. Something clicked a little while back, and I think i’ve found that feisty abet gobby old cow, and I like her. If something good might happen to come outta this kerap, maybe finding the old me is somthing!

loving this support - thanks

Lorna - yes nearest and direst are the worst. The husband has his bags packed and the stepkids aren’t talking to me after I embarrassed them all a couple of weeks ago (few home truths about how the bank of mum and dad would be closing its doors due to a severe run on bad debts recently).

LL dunno I’m too old for PMT. Swap you for a few hot flushes.

El - good for you! Gobby old cows rule OK!

Love to all

I am DEFINITELY more care free at work; I drive a harder bargain, take less sh**, swear more, worry less and am not as critical of myself. I think this change has actually been good for business. think I was a bit more highly strung before and too cautious of what people thought about me.
now I don’t give a monkeys left tit. That at free brazillians are a few of the silver linings of this not so fluffy cloud.

Keep shooting from the hip ladies!

Cannoliwings X

Oh dear!!! I’ve always spoken my mind but maybe I have got worse- only problem is nobody takes any notice!!
I’ve also always had flushes , kind of managed by Clonidine but not gone and now interspersed with terrible sweats although I’m 8 weeks past chemo and rads.!!! Family say “But it’s not warm”- when they’re feeling brave!
Can’t even blame hormones because TN and oncologist says I could have flung any amount of hormones at my tumour and not affected it either way.
Never mind, off to Orlando in 16 days , just hubby and me, and can’t wait even though my hair is only about an inch long with very little fringe.
Mind you I really care less about all the things I see as unimportant like making everybody’s meals and cleaning the house lol!
Margaret x x x

Oh Lin, my PMT days are probably even longer gone, but the chemo waspishness made us both remember them.
Just love the expression “nearest and direst” Love it, love it, can’t wait to use it.
Marym re the short hair, watch out for the sunburn in Florida, maybe find a good hat? and pile on the slap and earrings. I am a little ahead of you, 2 inches plus, but still concerned to avoid being mistaken for a bloke!

I know Lavender Lass! I look like an old bloke in drag with my make up on! At least I don’t need to draw in my eyebrows now!
Got a couple of hats packed but I look even dafter in them lol.

Hey Linstar
I think you should be as grumpy as you like. We might as well take advantage of the situation while we can get away with it!! I only have cows and dogs to be grumpy to all day, and its not as much fun.