In hospital fed up

Was admitted into hospital with a fever after my chemo. I had very bad flu symtomps so was admitted for bloods, a chest x ray fluids and Observation. Feel really tired but can’t sleep! More bloods in the morning :frowning: x

Aw, stargazerlily, that’s pants. Hope you have nice staff looking after you and get some spoiling treats from your visitors

Glad to hear your allowed home SGL, be sure to drink plenty of fluids, I used to fill a 2 litre bottle with water and drink from it all day to be sure I had at least 2 litres a day, Tea and Coffee don’t count as they are dehydrants …xx

However, if you have decaff tea / coffee it does count 8-). Hospital is a naff place to be, we all spend far too much time there. Hope your bloods are fine and you can go home soon. On the positive side, they are looking after you and giving you the appropriate care
Xx Sarah

I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve ended up in hospital! :frowning: Chemo really is the pits. Sending you a big cyber hug and I hope you are better soon!

Nymeria x

Home now thank goodness. Do you know A and E tried to make me wait in the main waiting area even though the doctor had faxed through to say I was coming and was on chemo and needed to be seen quickly and away fron everyone else!! There answer was to leave me running a temp in the car for 25 mins until Hubby made a scene. I was in tears but after that I got taken to a room and was admitted after various tests. My neutrophils were lower at 2 but they have to be under one so I believe to be dangerous.

Because I was running a temp and dehydrated (no wonder being left in a hot car) I was admitted for fluids and observations. They think it was probably the chemo that made me have a fever as today I had normal temp so I am guessing the drips flushed toxins through?? Still feel fluey and have horrendous ulcers in mouth but glad to be home.

They admitted this lady for two hours this morning in bed opposite me with sickness and diarhear bug!! They sent her home after two hours after sticking her in a bed with other sick people! The Marsden put anyone with a suspected sickness etc drug in a room on their own to stop it spreading. No wonder my local hospital always has norovirus etc!!

****sorry about double posting*****

Thank you for all you lovely wishes and hope you are all doing ok, hugs xxxxxx

That doesn’t sound good, stargazer, but glad you are home and OK now-and hurray for OH making a fuss!
Our chemo unit gives us cards to present at A&E saying “See this patient quickly and check white cells and blood cultures etc etc”
called a HEAT card.
Enjoy being back at home, and away from other people’s bugs
Hugs (virtual hugs are bug free)

Hi Stargazer - glad you are at home again, n hope you manage to sleep ok tonight. Bet you hardly slept in hospital last night! take care of yourself!

Shelley xxx

That’s pants sgl. When I had a high temp and went to a& e a few weeks ago,nothing like your awful time, I was triaged within 5 mins. I just presented my red card to indicate I was on chemo and the receptionist alerted the nurses. They quickly worked out that I just had a lurgy. However a very nice doc came and took bloods and happily I was allowed home. It took 4 hours in all, but the initial treatment was very speedy. I got the feeling that if it was serious then I would have been more of a priority. When I first arrived the receptionist directed me to an empty part of the a& e.
What area are you in? Do they not have a system to fast track you that all staff are aware of? It appears not. I am very glad you are home. It sounds like my hospital has a similar system to lavender lassie.
X sarah

Glad you are back home now SGL xx

Was just going to write something like “Enjoy being at home today” but that seems a bit stupid, I’d better pop along to the stupid bench in the Benchland thread.
Wishing you a day of feeling a bit less poo and no needles

glad to hear your back home SGL … hope your feeling a bit less crappy now xx angie

Glad to hear you’re home now, noone wants to spend any more time than is strictly necessary in hospital.
So unfair that your 1st chemo has done this to you! Usually the 1st one is fairly undramatic.
Hope you’re OK? Try not to dread every session because they’re normally not all bad. (small cough,but no real probs on EC myself, as we know, I was Tax Queen of Drama)


Correct cromercrab…decaf is ok…forgot that :slight_smile: x

Dear SGL, Glad that you are back home. I too saw things in hospital that made my blood boil and the nursing care ( at times) was very poor. I was glad to get home to recover from my op and have decent loving care from my husband. Hope you feel better soon and the next chemo goes more smoothly. Hugs, val

Hey SGL, glad to hear you’re home, you take care, gentle hugs, Simone xxx

Thank you so much ladies for your kind support and lovely wishes.

Hubby had a gp appointment today with our lovely lady doc, he mentioned what had happened to me and she told him to call me on the mobile (we live two mins walk away) and she saw me. I have a temp again, so she ordered blood tests to be done and will be fast
Ladies, thank you so much for all your lovely comments and good wishes, your the best you really are.

tracked back to her today. She said my throat is infected and my glands are up so shes given me some antibiotics to start. She has also given me a difflam spray to put straight on the ulcers as well as the mouth wash. Because off the trouble they had with my veins yesterday, she thinks I now have Flaubitus (sp)??!! Its really painful!

I dont think I am neutropenic, just think its the infection making me have a temp, but I will know soon.

The Marsden have said, if she thinks I should be hospitalised, that she should ring the emergency number there to request a bed for me rather than me go through that dreadful A and E department at my local hospital.


Hi SGL, glad you are home and on the mend.

Flebitis - which I always think sounds flea-bite-s - is an inflamantion of the veins and can be cuased by some of the chemo drugs (for those on FEC the Epirubicin is the culpirt). I had very mild flebitis as I had my FEC straight into vein in my arm (no central lines/portacaths etc), and my onc told me to keep gently stretching my arms as this would be better in the long run. Sometime people with flebitis get antibiotics, so hopefully yours will help with that.

I noticed on the September thread you said you’d realised you can’t keep racing around now… no one believed that I would sit down and do as I was told as I’m a bit of a workaholic, but I was a real girly swat all through treatment and did exactly as I was told. For me it paid off. Don’t be hard on yourself though, no one knows how this will get them, and it sounds like you’ve got some horrid se’s. Take it very gently, keep well hydrated inside and out, and hopefully you’ll feel better soon.

It’s Phlebitis (like there’s Phlebotomy) - why do all medical words have to be difficult to spell and sometimes even say?


Fle… Phle… oops,course it is, same root as phlebotomist!

Why do all medical words have to be difficult to spell and say… to make medical people feel important and to confuse the general public I guess.

Thanks El K, good job someone can still spell