In limbo

I went to get the results of my lumpectomy today and got great news - yet I feel overwhelmed about what to do next!


My cancer was very small, contained in the lobes and completely removed with a completely clear margin a WLE 3 weeks ago. Consequently,no radiotherapy which I had been led to expect, just yearly mammograms for 5 years. That’s it! Great news, yes, and `I’m extremely lucky, but how to I move on from the worries and stresses of the past two months to a new normal life - I feel stranded!


Hi Carol


I’m so pleased for you. Well done. I just got the final all clear after 15 months of treatment and we’re in the same boat. I’ve found this article very useful and I read it repeatedly as a reminder. It was included by a nurse here in one of the threads:


I hope you find some reassurance in it. The other thing that occurs to me is that your hospital will offer all sorts of support for ANY cancer patient - and you have had cancer so are fully entitled to them. Find out if there is a Haven nearby, ask if the hospital has a Maggie’s Centre or a Macmillan base or anything else offering support. Just never think that your quicker experience means you shouldn’t need these things. Of course you do. Cancer is cancer!


Good luck and take care 


Jan x

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Hi Carol

You have still been through the same stresses as the rest of us. I have a colleague who like you just had a lumpectomy, whist me and another lady had radiotherapy and are on meds. (Yes, 3 of us in the same office!). And she feels pretty much how you do.

Have you been offered a moving on course.?  Or perhaps you need some CBT.

Everyone’s experience is different and it’s the same rollercoaster in the beginning. Perhaps start by talking to one of the nurses on here.

Take care of yourself Lauren x