in lymphnode

Hi I posted this in  another section and one nice lady suggested I post here. I had my result from my lumpectomy and SenitolNodeBiopsy on the 21st of August.  Good news was that they have got all the cancer with clear margins. However 2 nodes removed one clear the other had 2 small tumours.  Consultant said probably chemo. Does this mean I will have chemo. Who makes the decision, I am worried that if I dont have it my cancer may be else where. 

Hi Nel,
You should have an appointment with the oncologist to discuss your future treatment. You will be able to explain how you feel about it, and he/she will make a treatment plan. It sounds as if it will be chemo, probably followed by radiotherapy. I think chemo will not start until you are fully healed. Do you have a Breast care nurse? You can phone them to talk things over if you are worried. Also the helpline here are very good too.
Hope you get some answers soon, waiting is the worst part.

Hi Nel, I think it depends on a few different factors as to whether chemo is offered or advised, your age, grade of tumour and node involvement are taken into consideration. You should have a metting with the Oncologist who will go through everything with you and give you a treatment plan . Usually if cancer is found in the nodes they advise chemo. I had one node with cancer in and had surgery and node clearance, then had chemo, rads andTamoxifen. This was nearly 7 years ago and I think that now days if only one node has cancer in they might not do a clearance, not sure if it  depends on how much cancer is in the node though.

All the best with your treatment and sorry you have this crap disease. Keep posting, this site is wonderful for support although posts do sometimes get missed as the forum moves quite fast :slight_smile: Xx 

Hi nel I think we are going thru this at the same time . I had to have a 2 nd op for margins and was told as it was a grade 3 chemo v likely . I get the full results on Thursday . I will have chemo if I need to but much more scared about this as I was about surgery . Take care