In memory of Mum.

In Memory of my mum who passed away 22nd July this year.
First Christmas without you. Miss you so much.

Our thoughts are with you Mark, try to make today full of happy memories, remember the good times, and things that made your mum smile, and you will smile with her. And dont forget it is OK to cry too xxx
She wouldn’t want you to be too sad, raise a glass to her of her favourite tipple, works for me at time like this (I lost my mum just over 4 years ago in an accident)
&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;<hugs> </hugs>

my thoughts and prayers are with you.
nannabarb… could’ve put it better a toast to absent friends xxx

My thoughts are with you Mark - the new tattoo is amazing, I’m sure your Mum would love it. I hope you are able to smile and recall happy memories, but it’s OK to shed tears too. Sending hugs and good wishes to you all.

Huge hugs to you. We always toast absent firiends toi…sooo mising my Dad xxx

Hi Mark, I am sorry I missed this at Christmas time, sending best wishes and hoping that you were able to share some happy memories with your Dad as well as the sadness.
and as Rev cat says, great new tattoo!

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Thanks everyone.
Hope you all had a good christmas.
It was a tough time for us all. Dad came over and spent the day with us as usual but it was not the same without mum too.
To be honest, i was glad when christmas day was over.
Boxing day we all went to the crematorium and took a christmas wreath for mum.
New years eve was also a sad day.
Take care everyone.