In my 20's and now dealing with a diagnoses of bone cancer!

Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2010. I’ve had the lump removed, I’ve been through fertility treatment, chemo, radiotherapy and I was on Tamoxifen. I finished radiotherapy in December 2010 and was trying to ‘get back to normal’ again. I was a month and a half in to my job and I was getting pains in my left leg. This pain had been coming and going for over 2 months and I’d been to a number of professionals from gps to doctors to registras for the professor I’m under. They either said it was the Tamoxifen, a trapped nerve or due to not using my muscles as much when I was having treatment. I even went to a physio at a cancer charity! Well, after all that a research doctor for my professor actually gave me an x-ray, which showed something was very wrong! I had a CT scan and was diagnosed with bone cancer. I was and am in total shock! Four months after all my treatment! Anyway, I’m very scared, angry, sad, confused and still waiting for my MRI results, I’m a nervous wreck! Has anyone else been in this position?

Thank, Amy x x x

Amy, im so sorry to read your post, , ive only just finished rads ,

i hope the mri results are ok. xxxxxxxxxx

I am so sorry Amy to read your post. I am praying the MRI is ok.


Im sending you a big hug, and my fingers are crossed re your MRI


Hi Amy,

If you need a good listening ear please do phone the helpline, they’re here to support you through this.

Take care,
Jo, Facilitator

Hi Amy, ahhhhh man that sucks. Yep I hear you on the angry and sad thing - I was diagnosed with lung secondaries in September last year just 6 months after finishing treatment. I’m 31 so not a million miles off your age. They did a CT scan in July and apparently ‘missed’ the secs until they did a follow-up in August. Bizarre. Anyway am hoping your MRI results come back clear, keep us posted?

Hi Amy, Oh you poor wee soul. What a lot to have thrown at you. I was older, 39 when I first had BC. The ten years later I found out that I had extensive bone mets, spine thorax, ribs and pelvis. I thought my time was up. Yet over 12 years have passed and I am still around and I am enjoying life again. Please let us help you as you go along. We know what you are going through and just what a scary place it is. I have had loads of different treatments and scans and chemo. Do not feel alone. We have been there. Just sending out a friendly hand. Val

Amy - so sorry to hear of your diagnosis. It stinks, especially at such a young age. I was diagnosed with bone mets at the same time as primaries in July 07 and am still here to tell the tale. So far it has been managed via chemo, mx and anc, rads and arimidex - all for the breast tumour primarily - and zometa for the bones. I recently had to have a one-off rads blast to help my spine as part of the tumour was pressing on nerves and that has worked. Otherwise things are great.

I hope you get ‘good’ results from your MRI and also get hope from the other ladies on here like Val who have inspired me. The waiting is the worst bit but you will gradually settle with the diagnosis. It took a while for me but I am so content and happy now - very odd but I’m not knocking it. Liz

hi amy this bloody disease makes me so angry ,it is just so unfair there are many success stories i know but there seems to be so many quick recurrences i just dont get it just take care am thinking of you love rachel x

sorry to hear your news Amy. We are all here to support you if we can
xx sarah

Amy, I can only add to everyone else’s words, it’s horrible to have this happen at such a young age. I was much older, was in my early 40’s when I was diagnosed with both breast and bone bc together. This was 8 years ago and I feel well, really well today. This is a very supportive forum, please shout out, ask anything, there will always be someone here to listen. Take Care…xxxx

So sorry amy- to get a secondaries dx so soon + so young is devastating. But definately take comfort in tge fact that many ladies live for many years with bone mets as they can be very treatable. I’m 33 and was dx with secondaries at 32 within weeks of completing chemo. My lite boy was only 14months old at the time…
It’s shockng how many young women on here have advanced bc- and it’s still portrayed as an older womens disease! At any age It stinks + a secondary dx is just too scary.
Wishing you all the best with your treatment
tina x

Amy, just joining all the women here to support you. There are many women here with lots of experience of living with this blxxdy disease, so please use us.

Hi Amy,

Sending you a big hug. xx

Know how you feel. I’m in my 20’s, too. With bone and liver mets. So, know how unfair it is to deal with all these at such a young age.

I am however, at the other end of the journey. Now stable and back to part time job.

It’s a scary place to be. Why do we have to go through all these at such a young age? I’m now nearly 2 years since my initial dx and still have my moments. But this forum has been a great source of support and information

I’m not on here as often as I used to be, but feel free to send me a private message. You can see my full medical history by clicking on my name underneath my picture.

Take care & keep in touch xx

Hi Amy
Just wanted to add to everyone’s comments that it is bl**dy awful to get a secondary diagnosis but I think so much worse for someone as young as you. I have been living with bone mets for over 3 years now and my treatment of initial chemo, then hormone therapy and bone strengtheners has been doing a good job in keeping everything stable since then. I hope your next set of results are good and that you get a treatment plan sorted soon, it did make me feel more able to cope once I knew what I was dealing with and how we were going to deal with it.
Good Luck and come back to ask any questions or get some support if you need it - we all know exactly how you feel.
Nicky x

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I’ve not put a comment on here since I posted the first comment. Thank you so much for your comment and words of support!

I have to have more radiotherapy next week on my lower back and also on my right hip! I’m so confused! I need to ask more questions. My head really is all over the place. I’m going to see them on Tuesday to talk about the radiotherapy, so hopefully I should have a clearer picture of what’s going on!

Amy x x x

Really sorry to hear about your diagnosis - the positive stories from other posters will hopefully allay some of your fears; I was diagnosed with bone secondaries last year and was told that it was the one where there are effective treatments so am hoping you get started on some treatment soon
All best wishes - do keep in touch; the “Bone mets” thread might be of interest to you; I’ve found it very supportive both emotionally and with info