In praise of Q10

I wanted anyone suffering with side effects of anastrozole to know that they might benefit from taking a supplement of Q10. I read a recommendation on this forum for this a while back so I decided to try it. I have now done a month and would say it’s helped me a lot. I take the recommended 100mg a day, just a simple Superdrug brand and I have so much less aching and stiffness. There is an online study of its benefits for Tamoxifen too (in Iran - google it!) . Hope this helps
Others too. Love :heart::heart::heart:


Thank you so much for this advice. I’m definitely going to try it cos my aching legs and joints are getting worse (been on Letrozole for 6 months)!! My energy levels have increased recently so I’ve joined a gym and am going swimming and doing Pilates in the hope the exercise will help but it hasn’t. They are the same as before!! Fingers crossed they work for me too. Thanks again xxx

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I’ll try it too . Taking magnesium and tart cherry , think that helps . Be rattling !


I hope it works for you! Give it a month to see results.

I do yoga a few times a week and I think that helps as I ache less in the room than I do out of it. I think we have to be determined to defeat the aches and carry on with our lives - which should
Be long and healthy thanks to this tricky little white pill!

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I’ve started yoga again .

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