In shock...just gotta play the waiting game now!

I myself am new to this as went to scan today at the breaat clinic after waiting 2 weeks…had scan was sent for a a mammogram 15 mins later then had to have a biopsy in lymph glands and breast lump abd also had a coil type thing inaerted for then to locate the lump easier was then taken to the consultant who told me it was worrying and to expect the worst but that treatment is very good these days if it is what it is my lump is 2 cm so quite small as far as some lumps go…she told me to prepare myself and educate myself in what will be a worrying time said either way with the results the lump is to come out and possibly lymphs too…can’t eat cant sleep thinking the worst possible outcomes trying to be positive but struggling with the shock just so grateful that it was all done in the one day and fast once appoitnment was made…my own doc told me not to worry and Only sent me to clinic for peace of mind as I was due to leave the country in 2 weeks…blimey glad she did!!! So the move is all on hold for now…but whatever this is I’m gonna fight it and get my plans back on track x

Hi Lou,sorry you find yourself here.Its a horrible anxious time waiting for results.I have spoken to a number of ladies who have been told to expect the worst but have subsequently been given the all clear ,so it’s not a forgone conclusion .Lots of support and advice here if you are diagnosed .Let us know how you get on.Jill.

Thanks for your reply Jill means a lot I’m feeling much more positive about things abd what will be will be hope you are ok xXx

in many ways you feel better when you know exactly what you are dealing with good or bad and you have a clear plan of what happens next ,the anxious waiting and uncertainty is awful .When do you get your results of biopsy ?

Thursday 30th June which will be one week from Biopsy they have told me to ring that morning to check the results are back before I travel down…nervous as he’ll but ready for them whatever they may be xx

Hi Lou.
I am going through this at the moment. Feeling pretty devastated. The docs have told me to expect the worse. Had biopsy, mamm, and scan. How did u get on? Thinking of you

hi there well 3 weeks later and the worst was was I got but I was well prepared for it as they asked me to be so it wasn’t as much of a shock as I thought i’m now booked for 6 months chemotherapy to shrink the tumour then a operation to remove it after its hopefully shrank to nothing then 12 months of herceptin as mine is HER2 type after further testing the best thing is to prepare for the worst cos this has certainly made me stronger the worst bit was the not knowing knowledge is power and I have been lucky enough to have great doctors I am currently going through fertility treatment as they r going to freeze my eggs before chemo as we have no children so I’m lucky again to have had this offered I’ve needed the NHS before but I cannot fault the treatment and service I have received so far I know it’s a long road ahead and so many appointments already but one thing I have learned is everyone’s journey is different and facing up to finding something is the most difficult of all…let me know how you get on best of luck stay strong whatever xXx

Hi louacko I see you are going through fertility treatment I am at this moment on the short protocol as I start chemo soon. How you finding it I feel like I have been hit with a double barrel of dealing with breast cancer and have all of the fertility stresses and worries too find it a bit overwhelming probably just all the drugs from IVF making me feel this way I guess we are lucky they can do this. I have a estrogen fuelled cancer which makes me worry even more as all the hormones accosiated to IVF and pregnancy. Xxx

Hi Rachele yeah massivley overwhelmed we have a scan tomorrow to see if I am ready for egg collection planned for Monday all being well then I can get on with the freezing and the Chemotherapy just want to get started with the Chemo now also in the process of looking for a a house too just trying to break things down and deal with each thing separately but touch wood I’ve been totally fine off the injections so far just a pit sore from the pin prices even managed to inject myself tonight gave my boyfriend the night off to go to the football as long as we have good people round us we will get though this I’m just counting my lucky stars each and every day. …one day at a time got to remember to breathe sometimes I have started writing everything done and getting all the information (correct) that I can remember knowledge is power good luck and here anytime for a chat good luck on your journey let me know how you get on xXx

Thank you! I have my scan booked for tommorow they have seen 3 potential follicles although I was hoping for more and to do my egg collection on Tuesday, I’m not scared for that I think now I’ve survived a mastectomy. My boyfriend has seemed to love injecting me ha! We are like pin cushions ha as had all the bloods taken for my chemo good job I’m not scared of the needles it’s more just the emotions I’m going through tears every hour over anything but no wonder. Good luck to you too hope you get a good result. We are freezing embryos as well all going well xx

ahhhh bless it’s a long hard road isn’t it brings I believe if we can get through this we can get though anything I have been speaking with a couple of ladies who have been through similar and find its easier to talk to someone who has already experienced it as they know first hand what you are going through everyone offers you support in this situation which is great but I think it’s easier when someone truly knows the feelings you are feeling looks like we are at the same kind of point with regards to fertility …I’m due to start Chemo in about 2 weeks time we are also freezing embryos will let u know how we get on today of you ever want to talk just let me me know we can add each other on Facebook if you like and keep in touch. …no pressure x

all went really well today follicles all grown nicely left ovary has responded really well to the treatment right still good too…so booked in for egg collection Monday also went to see a nutritionist today got some really good advice and a programme from her and a plan for when my chemo starts to keep my energy up and get rhrough the fatigue let me know how you get on .feeling really positive today :slight_smile: hope ur well x

Hi yeah add me on Facebook I’m very open about my journey my name is Rachele Jane Henderson on there. I have 5 eggs now after my scan today think they will have me in for Tuesday and I start chemo 8 August after my holiday yeah makes you feel less alone when other people are going through same thing and it’s hard to find people at our stage of life going through this xx

o great news think we will be going through Chemo together then how mad is this…we can help each other and have a little chat along the way :slight_smile: will add u now xxx