Inadequate endometrial biopsy - what now ?

Been on tamoxifen 2 years . Last year after spotting for weeks a polyp was found and removed ( benign ) . No further problems and no longer having periods ( for last 15 months - I did not have chemotherapy ) . Recent cervical smear reported endometrial cells so Gp wanted me to go for further checks even though I have no symptoms ( in some cases such cells can indicate pathology but usually women with pathology have symptoms - bleeding ). I paid to go privately to speed it all up . Scan showed lining 5.3 mm which she said is not too concerning but biopsy came back as scanty too little for assessment . Gynaecologist has said she is not that concerned and happy for me to wait a while and maybe have hysteroscopy in 3 months . I am struggling with all of this - if I have no symptoms now and presuming I remain a symptomatic either a hysteroscopy is deemed necessary now to rule out the small chance the endometrial cells were on the smear because of a tumour or it is clinically thought unnecessary ??? I am losing patience with doctors who say well yes it could be cancer and seemingly have no thought for the impact that has and the anxiety it causes. I went through 16 weeks of this last year and now again . Anyone got any thoughts ?

I’ve only been on Tamoxifen for 5 weeks but I’m already pushing for a Hysterectomy, After coping with Breast cancer I’m not prepared to sit and wait for the tablet that is suppose to save me ending up causing cancer elsewhere! I’ve got private health care and am going to keep on at my oncologist and Gp until they approve me to have it done, even if I have to be at the surgery having a freak out every week, when someone can get a boob job on the NHS because it’s making them depressed I’m determined to get this done to try and prevent having my life threatened again! As you can tell I feel very passionate about this ?