Inconclusive biopsy results

Hi all, recently been through the horrible wait of biopsy results to go to the clinic on Tuesday 29th to be told the results from my vacuum biopsy 10 days earlier was inconclusive and I would therefore need to go back next Thursday 8th Dec for a second biopsy. I initially went to my GP on 1st November with a lump followed by a screening shortly afterwards to be told the lump looked like a cyst but they weren’t happy at finding a cluster of calcium spots they wanted to look into further.


I’m finding the waiting for a definate answer really difficult and would like to know if anyone else has had a similar experience. The whole process seems to be dragging on and on and won’t be getting my results from 2nd biopsy until 20th dec.

hi anna,
It’s not uncommon for this sort of thing to happen, I remember being told this was a possibility when I had my biopsy done, however, its a complete pain to have to go through all this. The uncertainty is the pits.
The most important thing is they are being thorough in getting to the bottom of what it is. It wont make any difference to the outcome & hopefully all’s ok. If on the off chance it is more serious, then bc is very treatable these days & it will be dealt with.
ann x

Hi. I just wanted to say that I’m currently having microcalcifications reviewed again now after having a vacuum assisted biopsy last year and also core needle on a lump which was confirmed as a fibroadenoma. My microcalcifications have multiplied and changed since last year and I’m now waiting for surgery/ general anesthetic with wire localisation to have the whole area removed for biopsy. You can read back on my previous posts if you like by clicking on my username.

It’s good they are being thorough but the waiting is the worst part I think… Last year I waited a month over Xmas for my biopsy results, it was difficult to say the least.

Are you having another vacuum assisted?

Hi yes having another vacuum assisted biopsy. Having read up it looks as though they didn’t get enough of the suspicious cells first time round to make a definite decision. I’m not very good with needles and being faffed about with. Had a bit of a nightmare first time round as they couldn’t get me in the right position initially ( took them 40 mins in total) and then another half hour to do biopsy. By this time I’d worked myself up and nearly passed out! Stupid I know but couldn’t help it and felt like a wuss. So the thought of going through it again and the reason why they are doing it in the first place isn’t isn’t helping my anxiety levels x

Hi. I don’t blame you for not wanting another vacuum assisted. I was also in the mammogram machine for over an hour for the same reason, they couldn’t get the right positioning. I’ll be going through it again for the wire localisation procedure which I’ve heard can be as bad and I’m not looking forward to the general anesthetic either!

You are not a wuss. So don’t even think that. I hope this 2nd time round isn’t as bad as the 1st. Let us know how you get on.
Best wishes

Thanks Poppy fields let me know how you get on also. Positive thoughts all round x x