Inconclusive biopsy to lumpectomy

Hello! I’m looking for some insight on what all of this means. I’m only 30 and recently found a lump. I went for a mammogram and ultrasound then had a ultrasound guided needle biopsy. The doctor was unable to penetrate the mass after 2 hours and what samples they did get from the surrounding area was inconclusive. I’m concerned that instead of doing another biopsy the doctors are going right to a lumpectomy. All of this has happened within weeks! Anyone know if this is normal or do I have reason to be worried?

hi Axm,
I would say no more so than just having a biopsy. Presumably the dr could not get a proper sample, so the only way to get to the bottom of what it is, is to remove it so that it is properly examined. They are only being thorough.
Inevitably it is always anxious waiting, but mostly it turns out to be nothing serious.
Let us know what happens
ann x