Inconclusive results - should I be worried?

I’m 29 and found a lump 3 weeks ago, was told it was just a cyst by doctor, but the hospital said it wasn’t and sent me for an ultra sound which came back inconclusive - I was then offered a Fine needle biopsy which I got the results 2 days later. I was left very confused when they said they had no idea what the lump was and had a team of people look at it - further more the needle biopsy also came back inconclusive. They want to surgically remove the lump and surrounding tissue to be sent for testing (a bit drastic I thought) Please could someone be honest and tell me if I should be worried? They went on to say that the test wasn’t a negative but not enough to be positive and that it was a grey area (they just weren’t sure). I would really like to hear from anybody who has advice or has been in a similar situation from me.


My sister had something pretty similar. Have they told you whether it’s C3 or C4? They have a scale, where C5 is cancerous, C4 they’re not sure but probably cancerous, C3 not sure but probably not cancerous etc. My sister had a fine needle aspiration on a lump that came back as C3. They then took a core biopsy to do further tests and it came make as benign, some sort of fibrous thing.

If you know whether yours is C3 or C4 it might give you some idea of how necessary it is to remove it. Having just had a mastectomy, though, I would always opt on the safe side!


I have to agree with wooster. Removing it might seem drastic but if they need to do that to be sure then I would consent. The very least that can happen is you have your mind set at rest when they confirm it’s begign. If it is cancer then soonest detected easiest fixed is always the case.

Jan xx

I had something similar 12 years ago. They ummed and ahhed about it for ages. I had it removed (under local anaesthetic - god the NHS was rubbish then!) and after testing they said that on the whole it was benign but it did have abnormal cells in it too.
10 years later a lump appeared under the scar of that lumpectomy and that turned out to be grade 3 cancer.
My advice to you is to get it out. Anything other than 100% benign is not good news. It may be ‘overtreatment’ but it is only a lumpectomy and recovery is very fast.
Hopefully you can get it out of the way and then forget all about it and get back on with your life.
Good luck.

Thanks guys for the messages of support, and you are all right. It’s just I have breast implants and I saved really hard to buy them and adore my boobs (I’m only 29) i can’t stand the thought of them looking scarred, but it would seem after visiting a specialist with Bupa yestarday that the lump must come out because they just don’t know what it is.

I have seen 6 people now that have not been able to work out what the lump is - so surgery here we come.

I was just telling wooster about a letter I got in the post today from my GP.

Quote:May I ask you a question that you might be able to help with? Today I got a letter from my GP asking me to re-take a blood test that I did 10 days ago because there was something they wanted to look at. And then I am supposed to book another appointment to sit down with the doctor to discuss results. Now would I be silly for worrying that this could be conected to my lump? I’m ever so worried, it would of been nice if my GP could of given a hint!

Would really value an opinon on this.

Thanks again troopers

Anna x

Phone your surgery first thing on Monday morning and ask to speak to the doctor on the phone just to clarify what is going on. He may have to phone you back when he has got a minute but you are perfectly within your rights to ask for some idea what this letter is all about.
Sweetheart - just remember that boobs are replacable but you are not - get that lump seen to and then worry about your titties later. Even if the worst comes to the worst lumpectomies don’t leave much scarring - probably less than your implants caused actually.
Keep us posted as to what is going on won’t you? Get on that phone to your GP asap so you can put your mind at rest.

Thanks msmolly,

I will do that - I will drive myself crazy otherwise.

Will post Monday to update on what the doctor says.



Get this seen to its better to be safe than sorry . we all love our boobs and femininity, but i love my life more and wouldn’t like to think i base my decision on what my boobs look like and how much they cost,I’m sure you have a prettier face to more than make up xx Julie

Hi guys,

Phoned the doctors today and was told I had below normal white blood cells, asked several times is it connected to possible breast cancer? And she said she didn’t think it was but her voice sounded like she didn’t really know. I think she felt a tad on the spot.

Well, the hospital phoned today and I am going for my pre-op assesment tomorrow and I will mention the strange blood count then.

(I’ve had lots of blood tests over the past two years and they never said low white blood cells) Am I looking into this too much? Does anyone have any knowledge on this sort of thing?.

Hope you are all doing well? Troopers.


Hello guys.

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post - but would just like to add one final comment.

It’s fine - No cancer after all - Just got my results a few hours agao.

1 x GP visit
1 x Breast clinic visit
1 x Ultra sound
1 x FNA
1 x visit to consultant to get results
1 x visit to BUPA specialist
1 x Another Ultra sound
1 x Pre-op assessment
1 x surgery on breast
1 x follow up post-op and results appointment

= 10 hospital trips to find out it was scar tissue from a build up of blood cells which turned into the mystery lump. Just one of those things.

Thanks again to all the people who posted there advice and support. I really appreciated it (and it helped me get through a very difficult time in life). I hope my posts help someone else should they read it who feel they are in the same boat as I was.

Cheers Troopers

All the best


Brilliant news Anna - thanks so much for coming back to let us know! Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, deep breaths, and Reeelax

Sophie xxxx

Great news Anna. Good to see another one get away. :slight_smile: