Increase in libido on Tamoxifen anyone?!!

I’m so glad I found this discussion group. I just started taking Tamoxifen expecting all the bad things I read online, but all the sudden I’ve been feeling so much better and feel more energetic and motivated! 

I’ve also had a healthy libido but feel it’s increased now. I had lumpectomy and radiation treatment for small DCIS. I was expecting to say goodbye to womanhood and I’m so happy that’s not the case after all!

So great to read this all. Couldn’t figure out why I felt like a 20 year old in every way. Only been on Tanoxifen for 3 months and notice a difference right away in my libido. Also gone on a completely sugar free vegan diet and lost 20lbs. Wasn’t really overweight to start. Just a bit around the hips and arse. Keep waiting for all negative effects to kick in. Is it possible they won’t??

I’m so glad I found this forum.  I went on HRT pellets in May and after a routine mammogram in August, had to discontinue use due to very early stage hormone receptive breast cancer.  I’ve had my lumpectomy and radiation (no chemo-thank God) and just had a complete hysterectomy.  I’ve been put on Tamoxifen due to still increased estrogen levels, which I will begin taking in about two weeks.  Gynocologist believes it’s best to continue healing from hysto with increased estrogen.  I miss the elevated sex drive from HRT and I’ve been concerned about the negative side effects of estrogen blockers.  I’m happy to see that so many of you have had the opposite reaction.  This gives me hope!  I will post more after I begin taking Tamoxifen.  Thanks!