Increase in libido on Tamoxifen anyone?!!

I’ve been on tamoxifen for 3 months. Was dreading the side effects I’d read about, especially the loss of libido. BUT…am I the only one who has experienced an increase in sex drive?!! Don’t want to put too fine a point on it (or make you blush!) but I am wearing my partner out (not that he’s objecting) at least twice a day!!
I’ve always had a healthy libido and I’m not complaining at all - am just so pleased that the loss of my breast has not in anyway affected our sex life.
Has anyone else experienced this or I am the only one-breasted rampant female on this site?!!
Gill x
PS Hope this hasn’t offended anyone-it is a genuine question!

Hi Gill,

Have to say my mojo has slowly gone into hibernation since I started in September! However, with perseverance it can be coaxed out eventually! Spring is coming - hurray!!

Sally xx

hi Gill
I wish !!! lol
you are so lucky…mine hibernated but with A LOT of coaxing does come out now and again…i’ve been on tamoxifen since May 04.
twice a day !!!..not in this house…more like twice a month…if your lucky lol!!

No you have not offended anyone…well i shouldn’t think you have anyway…but I bet there’s going to be alot of envious people reading your post!!!..I think your probably unique!!!

Karen x

Hi Gill, I am an envious one reading your post lol !!! twice a day … since all this started ( March 2005) my libido disappeared and has never quite fully returned ! Don’t know what to blame - the medication or the fact that I feel self concious with my body now - or perhaps its a combination of both but at 34 cant help but feel saddened by whats happened !! Who knows hopefully things will change one day. You go girl !

Hi Gill,

i couldnt resist! ive been on tamoxafen for a year,at the time was not in a relationship, ex supported me but not in the bedroom!..But last june a met a man, im a bit embarreses to say but on an internet dating site. He lives 10 miles away, he was off work with a back problem last year too (not that it stopped us!)…Hes insatiable, and im surprised i am too, as both back to work and hes a widower, so we have 5 kids between us!..I have to put him off, we dont live together, although hes persuaded me to put a for sale sign on my door, but to be honest im glad of the time apart! Its strange though i joined a site last year, bald and bored, but many guys had the pink ribbon on their profile…i remember asking on a guy why?..his wife had died of Bc leaving a 2 and 4 year old …soo sad…

So by the time i met my current partner, my confidence in my boots…with wig ect…he said he realised half way through the night…how embarasssing…id too much vino!!! But the Bc didnt put him off, hes been great. Only problem is my wig was a blonde bob…with herceptin hair very slow growing and dark…and he prefers it. I want my blonde bob back!(ie not the wig but mine to grow and highlight it!)
Maybe its in the name!

Im rambling again, sorry


Hi there - Funnily enough I was just thinking this morning about starting a thread asking whether anyone is having a great sex life while going through cancer treatment. So many of us have five years of libido depressing hormones to come (or so the literature says), let alone the surgery/chemo and radiotherapy. Thought it would be wonderful to hear from people who are getting real pleasure, not just gritting their teeth and thinking of England (or whatever it is!!). Therefore, just great Gill and Jill to read your postings - and can we have some more encouraging postings along this line! Sarah

Thank you for your comments girls. Will have to accept that only people called Gill/Jill are having a great sex life! I was going to ask my (male) GP about this but chickened out!!
I certainly didn’t post this to boast-just felt that this was a safe environment to ask if anyone else had the same side effects from Tamoxifen.
Love Gill x

No Gill, it’s wonderful, and let’s hope we get some more replies. I myself was wondering if there’s something in a name!!! Keep on enjoying, whatever you do - and posting about this and everything, it IS a safe environment, and that’s one of the super things about it, certainly a life line for me. Love Sarah x

Hi everyone,

I have been on tamoxifen for 1 year and have an increase in libido. It started about 3 / 4 months after tamoxifen and at certain times in the month - usually for a couple of weeks after a period (yes I still have them and bad) things are quite rampant!!! My husband certainly doesn’t mind - thinks it’s quite a bonus! We can only put it down to the tamoxifen. I do have my moments though when I wonder if the tablets are working or if I have too much oestrogen flying around my body. But then again - enjoy! I suppose as fast as it happened it could disappear!! Off to bed now - but going to read my book!!

Take care
Shorty x

Hi Shorty
Thank goodness it’s not just me! Strange how Tamoxifen seems to affect us all in such different ways!
I’ll just enjoy it while it lasts!
Gill x

Hi everyone,

So it’s the tamoxifen, is it? I’ve had a low libido for years - since having three kids. Assumed it would only get worse after BC, but to my delight, I feel like I did twenty years ago! Long may it continue.

I wouldnt say I have had an increase in libido - more getting it back. No inclination to have sex during chemo or rads as I felt so rough
Almost back to pre diagnose levels!


Well thank goodness someone else is the same, my partner and i havent slowed down at all and this is brill as we have only lived together for 16 months now and had a brill sex life before BC so thankfully its just as it was, i was gutted thinking it would disappear lol

Allison x

LOL…and there was me thinking I was ‘not normal’ for still being as rampant as a rampant thing all the way through treatment. All my treatment finished in september last year, and then had a hysterectomy (poxy cysts) in the october…and needless to say…once we were ‘allowed’ to again, well put it this way my hubby almost wishes I still had periods so he could get a rest lol. I thought my activity would go out the window with the tamoxifen, but obviously someone forgot to tell my body that bit lol

I didn’t experience any loss of libido on tamoxifen and didn’t expect to, as it doesn’t lower oestrogen levels, but stops oestrogen attaching to any cancer cells and making them grow. Sadly I have suffered a major loss of libido on Arimidex, which lowers oestrogen levels drastically and look wistfully back to the tamoxifen days… Enjoy it, everyone…


This explains a lot! I wondered why I should feel so good with what I was going through. long may it continue.

Hi Gill, i wish iw as in a relationship - my libido increased on Tamoxifen which i did not expect at all. I always had a very healthy sex drive. Was warned by someone on fb that it would disappear completely - the opposite is true :slight_smile:

I too have had a vast increase in my sex drive since starting Tamoxifen 3 months ago. Thank you for this post as thought it was just me. I have been single for 7 years and to my delight after treatment have a new partner had very low sex drive before. Long may it continue!!! Only thing is they want me to start monthly Zoladex injections too frightened that will kill it off!!! Hope not. Will report back girls ?xxxx

I too have had an increase in libido.  Thank goodness for this sight because I did not know what was happening.  Has anyone’s partner experienced a carry over of tamoxifen with kissing and sex.  My husband gets mouth sores from being with me.  the doctors said they didn’t think it was possible but it has happened a couple of times.  He now has to rinse and clean up immediately afterwards.  Ugh.

No sign yet of Zoladex killing it off either. Happy Days. I think it a positive mindset too that helps. Being literally glad to be alive and not letting the little things worry you. Xxx