Increased awareness of drinks

I wasn’t sure what title to give this post, because it’s such a weird sensation and I’ve no idea what it’s called or what causes it. I had bilateral mastectomies 3 weeks ago, and since the surgery I’ve noticed that whenever I have something to drink, whether hot or cold, but it’s particularly noticeable with cold drinks, that I actually feel the liquid as I swallow it and then going down, and I can feel it, either the cold or the hot, progressing downwards ‘behind’ my chest in the oesophagus. It’s not something I can say that I  noticed before the surgery. 


Thinking back I remember my mum commenting on the feeling after she had a mastectomy 20 years ago. Has anyone else experienced this sensation, or has anyone any idea of why this should happen? (Or am I just weird?! :smileyvery-happy:) 

Hi BlissC

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Hello Bliss, 

I saw your post yesterday but could not reply due to Forum techno issues.  Well if you are weird then I am just as weird.  And what is wrong with being a bit weird.?  So glad to see your Post as I use to think I was on my own with this.  You describe it very well, especially regarding cold drinks. I noticed this too when I had single mastectomy. I do not feel it as much now after after over two years since surgery. 


I  mentioned it to a medic once and they looked at me in the same way as when I asked why I was armpit odour free on both sides after chemo.  It was an irritated look I have come to interpret as " do not ask us questions we do not have the answers to!! ".   However, to the best of my knowledge,  it is from surgical nerve irritation and/or damage.  I came across an old thread on breast cancer. org and there were quite a few women who were thinking they were the only one who had the weird feeling.  They were very pleased to find there were others having a similar experience.  I am seeing a surgeon soon and will ask again about it. 

Regards to you Bliss, 

Chick ? x