Indegestion type pain

I have been referred to the breast clinic as a bruising type rash appeared next to my nipple, Antbiotics didn’t clear it.  I had duct ectasia 10 years ago so this could just be a reoccurrance of that problem although there seems to be no particular reason for it to emerge again (last time I was menopausal), I’ve also been getting an increasingly uncomfortable indegestion type pain in my breastbone area and I wonder if it is connected? Should I wait until my appointment at the clinic next week or should I tell my GP about this new symptom? I’m aware that it could be anxiety related.

Or your indigestion pain could be hiatus hernia related and nothing to do with your breast. Does it go away if you take a Rennie or some such? I think you should talk to your GP just to make sure. If it is anxiety related it will relieve you to know that there’s nothing else going on.