Indentation and now referred to breast clinic

Hello, I hope this is ok to post.

My left breast has been aching for about a week, I would say the pain is coming from deep within near the areole area. This followed with a slight hot redness around that area which has since gone. This prompted me to do a self exam, where I could feel it felt quite bobbly in that area. I have breast feed 4 babies so my boobs are no erm not pert to say the least but when I lift the left breast I get a strange indent line from the nipple area that feels bumpy all the way along the breast. I’ve just had a doctors appointment where she gave me a full examination and she could feel 3 small lumps, 1 of those is in the area that aches, she commented that the area looks bruised ( but it isn’t) it is quite visible too if the breast is strectchrd. She has referred me to a breast clinic to be on the safe side.

Naturally I am feeling worried as to what it could be because as we all know google is not our friend. I’m just wondering if anyone else has found a long indentation line? Could I email you the pic to see if I am over panicking or not.

Thanks for your time xx

Hi Starling,
I’m not sure how old you are but if you’ve breast fed four babies, I believe the odds are in your favour.

You could well just have an infection and the bumps could well be cysts. I had three in the same area and had them checked out. This was last year and they came back as fibrcystic cysts and nothing to worry about.

Some Women, after breast feeding do get wrinkly boobs at times through stretch marks etc.

Your doctor has done the right thing and youvwill get an appointment t through very quickly. In my case, I was given a date the same day I saw my doctor! Excellent service!

Easy to say not to worry but try and occupy your time between now and the appointment.

Let this forum know either way what the results are as it’s always good for new joiners to learn that not all lumps and bumps etc are not cancer related.

Thank you so much for your reply, I am 34, last breastfed my son nearly two years ok. Left breast is aching but maybe I’m just feeling it more as i’m thinking about it. Dr did mention it could be cysts but naturally my mind has gone into over drive as you can imagine. I just find the weird indentation line weird as its so long but it’s not a stretch mark or at least not a visible strectch mark.

Hoping the appointment isn’t too long, is it likely they will do a mammogram?

Shelley x

That should say breast fed 2 years ago and not the word ok, just read it back as it appears I come across rude, honestly I’m not! Xx

Been googling like mad, I am now wondering if the long indent is mondors disease. I have an appointment at breast clinic on Friday. Fingers crossed

Thanks Charys, yes I’ve been googling like mad which is probably not the best idea. It does feel cord like where the indentation line is and it sort of forks off but also under the nipple is tender with a lump that feels like it attached pulling on the nipple itself, it’s very tender, my other nipple doesn’t feel the same at all underneath. Long wait until Friday but am hoping they do say it’s Mondors.

hi shelley,
Well done for getting this sorted. You will see the dr at the clinic who will do a breast examination, then most likely an ultrasound examination, a mammogram may be done & possibly a biopsy if it is not clear what it is, they will get to the bottom of it.
Chances are all will be well, so it’s best to step away from google, as it does not help!
ann x

Thanks Ann, I appreciate the reply. I know I need to step away from searching, it’s like I can’t help myself. We’ve just accepted an offer on our house so I’m hoping next week I have lots of forms to fill in to keep me occupied, fingers crossed because I’f I’‘m not researching i’'m in the bedroom fiddling with my breast :wink:

Thank you, I think everything will be fine the line I have goes from armpit to nipple and then another one forks off to another bit of the nipple. In between that area is now spongy?? Funny though as I had lump under my nipple that was tender and I couldn’t ‘pull’ on my nipple if that makes sense, it felt like it was attached to something but that has gone down now too. So I’’ feeling less anxious, I was going to cancel appointment as it all seems to be settling down but I will go so I can hear the words that everything is ok xx

Thanks for your support, I got the al clear on scan today, consultant just said sometimes for no reason we might get little infections that go of their own accord and I’'m just to keep breast aware. Still no real reason why I have a big indent but hopefully it will go down xxxx

Hi there, I noticed a very similar line about 3-4 weeks ago on my left breast. After making an appointment with my GP she referred me to the breast clinic. I attended last week and had an ultrasound, the doctor found it very obvious to see and requested that I should go for a mammogram. After having both those done, they done a biopsy of the area, the results came back on Monday to say that everything looked good which was a relief but then they said they want to see me back again in 6 weeks, so now I’m confused!!

Hi i 2 have a slight indent underneath my right looks like a thumb print in playdoh if that makes sense.i went just over a year ago to drs after seeing posts on social media of the exact same thing being cancer in other women.i was sent for a ultrasound in which they couldnt find anything and said sometimes after breadtfeeding it can just constantly concerened its still there and some days feel its slighlty worse… i worry that they didnt find any reason for it that they have missed something sinester as if i had a reason for it i could forget it. I know they know what they are looking for and after a year im sure i would have other symptoms.sorry for the long text im hust hoping someone has had the same with good results. Im glad your results were good x

Hi Suj83

I can confirm my line has completely gone now and I got a letter from the consultant saying it was mondors disease. Has yours gone down yet? I don’t know what your age is but perhaps that’s why they are being overcausious asking to see you again? Good news that you got the all clear, Shelley x

Hi Jo

Is it possible to go back to your doctors just for a check up, considering it’s been there a while now? I’m sure it’s probably to do with breastfeeding like they said, my breasts have changed so much but best to get it checked for your reassurance. Let us know how you get on xx