indentation and possible thickening??

Hiya I’m new to this forum. I have been reading these posts over the past few days and gaining some comfort from them.
I’m 34 with 3 children. On Saturday I noticed some indentation on my lower right breast when I raise my arms. Although it’s on the bottom of my breast I’ve had myself in all sorts of positions trying to see it from different angles and it’s not visible unless my arms are raised and I feel it’s quite visible then. I went to the doctors yesterday and she asked me to raise my arms then had a look and asked me to point out where I can see it. I pointed to the area and she asked me to raise my arms again and said she could see a slight flattening on the lower curve. She then palpated and spent ages on the indented breast and made me sit up to feel and lay down again. She said she would want me to be seen at the breast clinic within 2 weeks and said that she thinks there could be a small thickening under the indentation but it could be lumpy breast tissue and she’s not sure. I have been poking and proding myself since and cannot feel a difference but i wouldnt know what thickening felt like anyway. She gave me a letter as I was out of area and I spoke to my doctor on the phone who carried out the referral there and then.
I’m really anxious and scared. I’ve seen people on here with indentation and been fine but it’s the word thickening that scares me.
we recently moved away from home for me to go to uni and we are home with family this week (luckily). However our really exciting lovely week away has turned into the complete opposite for me. I’m constantly thinking the worse and have convinced myself it can’t be anything but bad news. I don’t want to go home on Sunday and can’t bare the thought of facing uni. My poor kids have got snappy mummy this week, not for anything their doing but because of my anxiety. I wanted to catch up with friends this week but I haven’t contacted anyone yet because of just wanting to hibernate away from the world. We don’t have a family history of BC but my dad died from cancer 10 years ago and my mum suffered before that so I think I’m extra sensitive to the bad news.
I’m not really sure what I’m looking for posting on here but I feel better already just writing everything down.

Hi Becks,

There’s loads of support here, so do come back & chat whenever you want to.

Inevitably, waiting is an anxious time & there’s no magic wand in dealing with it, other than to try & carry on as normal, distract yourself from those thoughts & avoid general googling of symptoms as it really does not help & changes nothing.

Anyway, thankfully you’ve been referred so it will get resolved. Honestly, mostly there is a benign reason for the breast changes you describe & the clinic will get to the bottom of it.

let us know how you get on

ann x

thank you Ann. I have moments of feeling OK and moments where fighting back the tears is impossible. I want to go back one week where life was normal and happy. I’m trying my hardest to stay off google. Been desperately trying to find benign reasons for it and can’t find any x

Yes Becks, that’s the problem with google. It only leads to bc because any breast change can be symptomatic of it, so googling does not reassure & only confirms fears.
Of all the things it can be, bc is the Least likely, mostly there is a benign reason for the change. The vast majority of women who come here report the all clear.
And, if on the off chance it is bc, then the sooner it’s dealt with the better. The outcomes for bc treatment are some of the best around.
take care & step away from google!
ann x

Thanks again Ann. I will not be googling today x




I totally echo anns words and good to hear that you are staying away from googling.


Helena xxx