Indentation in areola of right breast

Hello everyone

I am new to this site having noticed an indentation in my right areola under the nipple whilst on holiday 10 days ago (first holiday in 6 years and 2 days before coming home). I noticed it when I raised my right arm in the small caravan bathroom with the light streaming through the window, which highlighted it. The bathroom window at home is on the other side so not sure how long this dent has been there. Went straight to the doctor upon return and she has referred me to the breast clinic, saying it is not right and I did the correct thing to go to her and hopefully it will be caught early. Nothing positive I am afraid. So already worried. And after Googling relentlessly (I know we shouldn’t) found nothing positive there either. So, like many of us on here, I am already convinced it will be cancer. I am 66 years old and post menopausal so obviously age etc. against me but just wondered if there is a vague possibility that whatever they find, could be benign? I have read nothing yet anywhere that has given me a tiny bit of hope. Like the lady I read on another thread, this Easter has been really tough and I fight back the tears every time I see the grandchildren. Sorry to sound so pathetic but the worry and anxiety (which I already suffer from) is unreal.

Thank you to anyone who reads this and can offer me a tiny bit of positivity or has been in a similar situation, of a similar age and given good news.


Hi Bassplayer


just popping in to say you are not alone and everyone will recognise what you are saying.  Obviously you will need to understand what you are dealing with, but just wanted to say, you mentioned “age is against me”. In general this  really isn’t the case, there are incredibly positive outcomes for women in your age group, the best in fact, so please don’t be worrying in that respect.  My mother in law had BC at 75, and we have just celebrated her 80th and her BC is a moment well in the past.


hooefully it is nothing, but if you do need treatment, and choose the NHS  be assured you will be treated and looked after well. Xxx

Hi Bassplayer

Never think your age is against you - I was diagnosed last November aged 64, had lumpectomy, sentinel node removed (no cancer in it) and 15 sessions of radiotherapy and now back to normal doing all the things I used to do, I just take a hormone tablet once a day for what will probably be ten years judging by the new research, and will get an annual mammogram for next 5 years. That’s it. I rarely come on here as I don’t think about cancer that much now, but I like to reassure people where I can. I know it is hard not to worry but you are doing the right thing by going to the breast clinic, and they are not just all about cancer - there ARE many benign breast conditions. And if it is cancer then breast cancer is one of the most treatable of cancers. There is such fear around the word Cancer - yet there are many many other serious health conditions that do not inspire the same horror in people, yet are less treatable and affect quality of life far more, so try to look at it as just being checked out, and if they find cancer (and they may not) then you will have a treatment plan and when treatment is done you can then get on with your life like those of us on this forum. Try to enjoy you grandchildren and don’t fear the word. XXXXX



Welcome and sorry that you find yourself on here but it is a lovely safe place where you can rant rave cry, ask questions and there will always be someone there to support you.


Please please do not google generally any more, there is a lot of misinformation and out of date stuff out there which, as you have found out, will only scare the living daylights out of you. Until you know what you are dealing with I would avoid googling and then only use the likes of this website or MacMillan as they are the most up to date correct places.  There is also the helpline on here which is open 24/7 where you can talk to someone to when you need, and you have all the wonderful ladies on here, who totally understand what you are going through.


You have done exactly the right thin in going to see your GP, tbut keep in mind that there are many breast conditions which are not cancerous, and IF by any chance it is bc then the treatment for breast cancer is very good these days and very good outcomes…


Helena xxx