Indentation in areola

Hello there


Has anyone else had an indentation in the areola below the nipple and had a good result?  I am due to go to the Breast Clinic next Monday and getting extremely anxious.  My GP could not feel a lump but could see the indentation and said it is not right and must be investigated (she did not sound at all positive) so I am guessing the lump must be pretty deep?


Also can anyone throw any light on the needle biopsies? I have been led to believe that no local anaesthetic is used? Feeling uneasy…


Many thanks


hi bassplayer,
Try not to overthink the indentation, the clinic will sort it out. If a biopsy is needed from area then yes, local anaesthetic is used. It could be you have heard about a fine needle aspiration, where anaesthetic may not be necessary.
If you do have a biopsy, it does not necessarily mean it is bc, but there will be a further week or 2 for the results.
Even IF it is bc, pls be reassured that treatment is very good now with the best outcomes out there.
let us know how you get on
ann x