Indentation in Breast - GP made no referral

Hi All.

I am 30 years old and a few weeks ago just before my period my left breast was extremely sore to the touch. I’m admittedly not great at checking my breasts but I did on this occasion and noticed a small indent in my breast. On closer inspection it looks like there is a little scar in the middle of it as if I have been scratched at some point. After going on Google and terrifying myself I went to the GP for a check. She felt both breasts and under my arms and felt nothing and agreed she could also see the scar where the indent was. She said it was possible that the scar had caused the skin to pull in and told me to keep an eye on it. Move forward a week, my period has come and gone and the pain in my breast has too thankfully, however I’m feeling some pain in my armpit (still no lump) and this is worrying me. Could this just be anxiety or potentially something more serious? Should I go back to GP and insist on a referral? Thank you!

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If your gut isn’t happy with the Gp not doing a referral I would go back see another Gp and ask for a referral. Statistically at your age it is unlikely to be breast cancer but unfortunately occasionally young women do get breast cancer. I hope everything turns out to be okay.


Thank you! I think I will. I’m sort of reckon a lot of it is very anxiety induced but do feel a full check up my put my mind at rest :pray:t3:. Thanks for your reply x

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I think that you sometimes have to be pushy if you want anything done . I think its a British trait that we (a lot of us anyway) do not like to cause a scene, but unfortunately sometimes you have to, As a man who was diagnosed in 2012, I was lucky with my GP. I know of more than a couple of men who were told that they had nothing more than a cyst when it turned out that they had breast cancer. @kirsteen1 as @shade suggested, maybe try for a second opinion if only for your own peace of mind

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I found another couple of dimples under the same breast which weren’t there before. They can only be seen in certain positions and when I tense.

I called the GP and got an appointment today. She had a look and said it could be muscular(?) claiming the breast is a muscle. Not sure that’s accurate! She also had a good feel and confirmed that she can’t feel any lumps. It was a different GP to the original one so not sure if I should feel better knowing that 2 GPs don’t seem too concerned?

She has told me to try and stay calm and go back in 4 weeks for a review but it’s not made me feel any better :weary:.