indentation in breast

Hi ladies, wondered if you could help!!!
I posted on here in feb and had some lovely helpful ladies give me reassuring comments. I have noticed a couple of weeks ago that i have an indentation/ dimple in my right breast (9 oclock position) the skin is sunken and my areola sinks in with it. I can see this most prominent when i am in the bath and my skin is warm but when my nipple is cold and perks ? i cannot really see it. I have taken pictures on my phone to which it is quite obvious that the dimple is there but is this strange and would BC present like this? I can feel lumpyness generally but nothing prominent.
It is the same breast that had the 3cm mass and multiple scattered cysts( this is what my letter said from consultant) which all looked on US benign. The consultant said i had to be very breast aware and that any new lump needs investigating in its own right.
I am sooooooo fed up
jojo xxxx

You must get it investigated - it may be nothing but please don’t panic. Have you got an appointment with the doctor?

Hi Lily
No i have not been to doc yet, keep thinking ill book an apt then think no itll be nothing, surely you would be able to see it all the time not just when my breasts are warm.
I will make one though i know it needs looking at.
Forgot to put in earlier post that i have been getting a little discomfort in that armpit too, so think that has also persuaded me to book one!
jojo xxx

Hi Jojo
Please go and get checked. It will put your mind at rest
I dont want to panic you, Mine started off with like an indentation when I lay down, but i could see nothing when I stood up. Im the best at telling others to go and get checked, but left mine until I could see , like a stretch mark indentation. I had no pain or discomfort or any lump.
Gill x

Hi Gill
I have booked an appointment for monday morning with gp. Did it whilst i was in the this needs looking at mind frame !
Hoping gp gonna say its fine, cant face the wait again for the one stop clinic ! its amazing how once that appointment comes through it sends you to a jibbering wreck !!!
I am hoping that because i had ultrasound in feb it will be ok, i am 28 but have an aunt who sadly passed away age 47 after a battle with breast cancer in both breasts.
Thank you for your lovely words

Hi jojo,
So glad you have made your appointment, anything that worries you, you should have it seen to. Easier said than done, you feel as though you are bothering someone over nothing, it’s sooooo silly but we all do it.
I also had a dimpling scare a couple of months ago, eventually phoned BCN and was seen very, very quickly. It turned out to be lymph nodes and fatty tissue nothing bad at all!!
I really hope that you will be the same and have good news, fingers crossed and lots of hugs xx

Hi katey
Hopefully it will be good news and similar to what you had, sometimes I feel worried and other times I think no it will be fine I had breast ultrasound 6 months ago ! But then again I don’t think you can be too careful with these things. Wish I could upload picture so you could see what I’m seeing ! Wonder what doc will think if I produce picture on phone ! He’ll be referring me to physiciatrist not breast clinic !!!
Thanks for listening ladies
Jojo xx

Hi ladies
I am officially in the waiting room. Lady GP was lovelyands said I should go back for reassurance that nothing has changed and any cysts can be drained which have grown. Not sure how I feel, not really panicked suppose I have got used to this now. I explained I am tying myself in knots as having these cysty breasts I don’t knowe what I’m feeling for and if it’s normal, she said sometimes the hospital with give me there details direct so I can contact them if I’m worried and notice any changes. I feel more fed up than anything else really didn’t want the waiting room again even though I think it will be fine can’t help but wonder if I’ll get that slapround the face :frowning:
Jojo xxx

Hi Jojo,
It’s very difficult not to worry, were you assigned a breast care nurse? They can help you if not ask if you can speak to one, they might be able to reassure you regarding the cysts. Good news that you may be able just to contact the hospital directly. Hope things go well for you, take care and keep posting xx