Indentation on breast. Doctor says im ok?

Hey All

I know this is a Uk forum and im in the us but i figures id post cause i have high anxiety.

I went to the doctor today for an indentation in my left breast when i lift my arm up and when i do a superman pose. I had the doctor look at it and she said with huge confidence that i should be okay but scheduled me an ultra sound to be 100% sure. She said she herself have one thats not cancer at all abd that she sees these things alot.

It sounds like im in the clear and the ultra sound will just make it confirned but how do you not worry?

Hi Leif,

Anxiety is fairly inevitable when waiting for appointments, but you’ve done what you need to in getting it checked out, so just try & distract yourself & carry on as normal until the appointment. 

It’s absolutely right your dr has referred you for ultrasound, as any breast change must be properly checked out. 

As your dr says, chances are, all will be fine, it mostly is. 

ann x



i too became concerned two days ago I noticed an indentation under my left breast, verynoticible, no pain, can’t feel a lump. Went to GP today and she said she can feel a hardness and the dent is noticeable but it could just be hormonal.

last year I had a recall from a mammogram for my right breast as they had noticed something, turned out it was calcium deposits.  Left breast apparently fine. Anyway have been given an urgent referral tomorrow at local hospital, so am expecting, mammograms and biopsy, dreading doing it again but got to face it and if it’s anything I will have caught it early.  Hopefully. Feel sick to bottom of my stomach but trying to remain positive. 

Well, thank goodness you are getting it properly checked out & it’s good you’ve had a clear mammo recently. At the very worst there might be early changes that are totally treatable & it may not even come to that.
Inevitably, it’s difficult not to be anxious, but there is no reason not to be positive either.
If you want to, let us know how you get on.
ann x