I have found a very small indentation below my nipple.It isn’t obvious but I noticed it when raising my arm to put on deodarant. I’m not convinced it’s not just a stretch mark as when I get close to the mirror Im unable to make it out.
Trying to make an appointment at doctors as my mum had bc. Can anyone relate to this.

your post is not visible at the mo… i do hope it goes ok… take care

Hi Karen, i too had an indentation under the breast which did turn out to be cancer, i also had alump and it felt painful and tender, they tell you if it hurts it is unlikely to be cancer, wrong in my case. Please insist on getting it checked, and if not happy ask for a second opinion
Good luck
Sarah 66

Hi Karen

It is definitely worth getting it checked out - i had the tiniest change in appearance and nothing to be felt… hopefully it is a stretch mark!!


Dont delay get it checked out. I didnt have a lump, I had a “stretch mark”.


Hi Karen

Please go get this checked out, I had no lump at all just felt that I had a slightly denser area to the left of the nipple but when they checked me out when I raised my arms above my head the nipple was pulling. Turned out I needed mastectomy, I do hope that you are ok but go see your gp asap.

Best of luck to you, luvnhugs Carolexxx

Hi Karen,

As everybody says do get it checked. I had indentation or puckered skin just below nipple when I raised my arm above my head. I could also feel a small thickening not lump but only when lying down. It was invasive cancer and I had WLE. Mine was perhaps more indented than yours sounds and hopefully it will be a stretchmark but please check.
Good luck
Shorty x

Thank you to shorty2, curlycat60, annie42, rjenr2 and sarah66 for your replies. I now feel more convinced in getting it sorted. Will let you know how I get on. Fingers crossed it’s just a stretch mark .(Can you believe someone is wishing for a stretch mark!!)

Hi Karen

Thanks for getting back to us, I hope that you will be ok and am thinking of you and wishing you well.

All the very best of luck to you, luvnhugsCarolexxx

Hi me again. Managed to get an appointment at the doctors who told me that she could see two dimples, indentations whatever and has referred me to breast clinic which I knew would happen. Now I want to know what else could it be, so that I dont dwell on breast cancer. Anybody got any ideas?

lil fatty lump? ahve a look at the benign conditions page on here… there seem to be lots of things.

I’m glad you went

take care

j xx

Hi Karen

The page rjenr2 has referred to which has information on benign conditions is

I hope you find this helpful.

Kind regards

BCC Facilitator

Thanks for the advice. I have just had a quick look at the site and as of yet not found anything that puts my mind at rest but will keep looking.