Indented nipple after surgery

I thought I would retry with a new heading On the 5th December I had a WLE with NSD. After removing my dressings yesterday my nipple has completely exceeded into the breast. Has anyone else had this problem at all?

Hi Judy, so sorry you haven’t had any replies on your first try… when the forums are busy sadly things do sometimes get missed.

Anyway, I can’t answer your questions, as I had a mastectomy and recon, but wonder if maybe your breast is still swellen from the surgery, which could be causing the nipple to recede? I would give your hospital a quick ring first thing tomorrow and speak to one of the nurses who should be bale to reassure you, or if necessary fit you in to get checked. Do you have any wound checks planned?

Another possibility would be to ring the BCC helpline tomorrow when they are open again - they are very knowledgeable and helpful.

Gentle hugs and hope you get a proepr answer soon

Hi Judy2109 - yes i have got some nipple inversion. Unfortunately it seems to have got worse not better. My surgeon did warn me it might happen as my lump was situated close to the nipple and then they also have to take a decent margin of healthy tissue. I also have quite a bit of size difference as my breasts weren’t huge before. Not sure if there is anything that can be done. I’ve heard of something called lipofil but not asked about it yet as I still have quite a bit of treatment including radiotherapy to go.
Nicola x

Hi Nicola I wasn’t warned about this may occur but my WLE was quite close to the nipple so maybe that is the reason. I do go for the results on Tuesday afternoon so I might get some answers then.
You might also be right revcat as I am still very bruised and swollen.Thank you both for your replies Judy x

Hi Judy,
I too had a WLE and now my nipple is inverting. I mentioned it last week at my 2 week post op check-up and the surgeon said it’s due to the breast being swollen and once the swelling goes down the nipple should revert to normal again. I’m sure if you mention it to your BCN she’ll be able to reassure you.
best wishes

Thank you chicita it makes more sense when you hear what others have had and more reassuring Judy x