Indeterminate breast lump - awaiting core biopsy results.

Hi I am 40 years old, a wife and mum to 3 lovely young boys. 10 days ago I had a screening mammogram due to family history of cancer. I was called back to the breast clinic on Thursday where they did further mammograms, ultrasound and then 2 core biopsies. One lump they are almost sure is benign and the other indeterminate - I DO NOT KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS. I am beside my self with worry and am so scared. I have an appointment next Wed afternoon to get my full results. Does anyone know if this means it is malignant etc. Any advice would be most grateful.

Hi Bernadette and welcome to the BCC forums

I am sure your fellow users will be along soon with support and please feel free to call our helpline to talk your concerns over with one of our team, lines open again in the morning at 9am (9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Sat) on 0808 800 6000

Take care

Lucy BCC

Hi Bernadette

If they say it’s ‘indeterminate’, it just means they can’t really tell whether it’s benign or malignant until they have more time to study things in the lab, so I’m afraid you won’t know for sure until you get your full results on Wednesday. I know there’s little point saying try not to worry… the waiting time is always very difficult. I hope your results come back clear on Wednesday - let us know how it goes. If the result isn’t clear, then you will get a lot of support from everyone here to help you through whatever comes.

Good luck

Sara x

Hi bernadette,
just to try and put your mind at rest a little bit I went to the breast clinic a couple of weeks ago for 2 lumps I had discovered. I was sent for a scan and the sonographer said the same to me… They were indeterminate. I had to go back the week after for a core biopsy on both lumps. I was beside myself with worry and I had convinced myself I was in for bad news. When I went back for the results everything was fine and they were both benign lumps.
When theory say indeterminate it basically means they haven’t got the true characteristics of a malignancy neither the true characteristics of being benign so they do a biopsy to make sure. 9 times out of 10 they are benign. I know this wont make you worry any less because I was exactly the same, no matter what anyone said to me I didn’t make me feel any less worried at all, but please try and hold on to the fact that most lumps are benign.
Hope this may have settled your nerves slightly and all the best for when you get your results
faye xxx

Thank you vey much for the replies - the waiting is the hardest and I am just thinking the worst all the time. I read somewhere that 77% of indeterminate solid lumps are malignant! This is what is fueling my fear.
I just can’t believe I am in this place.
Thank you for your help.

Good luck on Weds Bernadette.
I wonder sometimes if inderterminate means they havent quite got what they need to. I say this as I had a biopsy and they said that they were unhappy about an area but they weren’t sure exactly and I had to go back for a rpt biopsy. With hindsight I wonder if they saw an area of pre cancer and wanted to check nearby if that makes sense. remember a biopsy isnt an exact science and in my case the lump was small. As you say the waiting is the worst bit ever. Hopefully Weds your mind will be put at ease. Feel free to p.m me if not but Im keeping my fingers crossed for you, only one more days waiting
Very similar to you, mammogram due to family history, Im 41. 3 children etc.
Lots of love
Mandy x

Thank you … this waiting is so hard. The consultant who did the ultrasound was very uncommunicative and just said it was an indeterminate lump with no benign features. I don’t have much hope with a comment like that to be honest.
It is this that has freaked me out.
24 hours to go and I am just so very scared that this is the Big C.


All the very best fortomorrow bernadette, I really hope it’s good news for you, will be thinking if you xxx

How are you doing Bernadette?
Mandy xx

It has taken me so long to respond as I was exhausted and emotionally shattered last week - my results came through benign, I have never been so relieved I cried in the doctors room with the consultant! I was so relieved. Thank you so very much for all your support it was just wonderful. I have BC in the family so I know now I am lucky. Good luck to you all the support here in invaluable. Best wishes

That’s wonderful news Bernadette
I’m at the beginning having found lumps, I hope I have good news like you xxxx

Great news Bernadette, thank goodness for that, get on with enjoying your life now flower xxx

Fanastic news Bernadette, take care nowX