Induced Menapause + Letrazole, or start with Tamoxifen?

My Oncologist has offered me two different treatment options with regards to the hormone side of things. I’m pre-menapausal, aged 47 and have no plans to have kids.

My options are to start on Tamoxifen for a few months and see how I get on. Then later start Zolpadex injections for 2 years to shut down my ovaries, and swap the Tamoxifen for Letrozole for 5-10 years. 

Or I can miss out the Tamoxifen altogether, and go straight for the instant menapause effect of the Zolpadex injections (still for 2 years) and take Letrazole daily. 

Has anyone at any stage of their treatments tried all three medications (not necessarily simultaneously) and can share their experiences of how the different drugs affected you? What was good about any of them, what was bad? 


I’d go for tamoxifen while you can. It’s less intense than the AI drugs, and will also help you build up bone density before menopause.

I had three years on tamoxifen but after a recurrence I’m on goserelin and exemestane.