Infected Cyst(Please Help)

Hello All,

No history of breast cancer in family. I was dx with 3 cyst in my right breast and a mass in my left breast.

I went to get my biospy and the doctor could only aspirate the infected cyst and said that she didn’t want to do the biospy on the other lumps because she didn’t want to spread the infection.

The cyst was filled with pus and lots of blood was being drained toward the end of the infected cyst.

The doctor told me that I’m not going to like what she has to say, but stopped short of telling me anything. She prescribed an antibiotic (keflex) for the infected cyst and said that they will do the biospy on the other lumps after they get the infected cyst under control. They did send the fluid off to be tested and my primary doctor was called IMMEDIATELY, before I left the clinic.

This has me worried, but I don’t want to go insane. I wish these doctors will tell me what’s wrong without surgar coating it. I NEED to know so that I can deal with it.

Can someone here please tell me if what I have described looks good or not. I can handle it. I just need to know…

Hi Tahirah,

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Care discussion forums where I’m sure you’ll get lots of support from the other users of this site.

If you feel you would like to talk to someone in confidence then the BCC helpline is here for you, offering support and information. Calls to the helpline are free, lines are usually open Mon to Fri 9am - 5pm and Sat 9am - 2pm
0808 800 6000

Kind regards,
Kate, Facilitator