infection after WLE

hi all only had my WLE / nodes removed yesterday and already got an infection arm is swelling up and the pain is awful rang the hosptial and they wanted me to come in but i carnt got no transport so they said it would be ok to go to my own docs lucky for me they saw me right away well they measured the swelling took my temp which is high (here was me thinking they were hot flushes ) gave me some more pills and apointment for tomorrow if my arm balloons between now and tonight then i have to go to a&e
since taking the pills i have managed to move arm a lot more good sign i think altho i feel as high as a kite hope this isnt a bad sign of things to come cos i was feeling good for once not any more

poor u!thats all u need!keep popping the pills and hpe u feel a bit comfier very soon.take care and dont overdo things!love alex xx

Hi Honeybee

Poor you - I also had an infection after my lumpectomy but did not end up at hospital. Had loads of very strong antibiotics for 10 days and it took that long for it all to settle down. It will get better hang in there Melx

mel i dont want to end up in hosptial had enough already i keep going out side to cool off just had a nice bath so feel alittle better and the swelling isnt getting any worse hopefull these pills are fast working i know when the pain killers arnt working cos it hurts like mad but with in a hour of taken them and the antibiotics i can move my are with out too much trouble . i had a temp yesterday before the op they said it was a little high but put it down to me getting worked up maybe it was something more . lets hope tonight i can sleep in my bed and not back on the sofa

Dear Maz

Sweetheart poor you, OMG I have been at home crying and feeling sorry for myself and all the time you are in a bad way. I am so sorry for not seeing your post earlier.

I know what you mean about pain, my doc popped in today as he was passing just to check I am ok because I am struggling with the pain under arm. Thats without an infection so cannot imagine what the pain is like for you.

Sending you lots of love and hugs (gentle ones of course). Do take things gently and take good care of yourself.

Lots of love
Tracy xxxxx

thanks tracy im sure ill be fine once it all settles down didnt think it would hurt as much im feeling sorry for myself too crying like a baby and making hubby do everything bless him i carnt even pull me knickers up lol he even came to give me a bath as i was told not to get it wet had a shock cos i couldnt feel my nipple so made him look for it thought they took it off but he tells me its under the wrap lol think i need a nipple lift on good breast to match now lol (have to make a joke ) pain is managable for about 2 hours so i do the exercise then only 2 i carnt do is hand behind back or over head so doing good i think just hope they took enough cos i dont think i could go through this again
love and hugs to you too
maz xxx

Hey sweet

Not sure about you but I really did not think it would be this tough. Not sure what I thought really but was not prepared for the pain or more importantly the emotional reaction. Its been a hell of a day for tears, my poor hubbie must be wondering what he has done to deserve all this crap!!! I cry everytime I try to chat to anyone, Mum, Dad, Son,Doctor they have all had it today what a complete emotional wreck.

Wonder if it is because we are back in the “waiting room” again, oh I don’t know but its bloody horrible. Thank god we have each other for support, at least we are not totally alone.

lots and lots of hugs
Tracy xxx

well im still here no more swelling thank god i think i kept my temp down too… even through the night i have been watching clock so i could get pills down me neck just wish swelling would go down so i can drop me arm and not walk around with shoulder up if you know wot i mean i slept in bed too so thats a good start used a pillow under arm to kinda hold it up, it is tough tracy but i think it is more to do with the waiting i hope today you feel a little better sending you a big hug well get there everyone has there off days im beening told off for thinking of everyone else my daughter is swelling big time she only got 6 weeks left till baby born and she is still working im also trying to get my other daughters bedroom wall paperd(hubby hangging it tho ) , i been in school with 14 yr old as we dont think she is handling any of this and is playing up in school so not rested its all go think the only thing i dont do is house work lol lots to keep me mind off things which is good till i move me arm the only one i havent had to worrie about is my son the one i thought would be a handfull but no he is being fab . well the pain killers are kicking in gone all hot and dizzy took them long enough would go outside but its raining hubby aint going to be happy comming down to doors open but tobad im hot lol
tc lots of hugs comming your way
maz xxx

Hello u

Glad u had a reasonable night and that the swelling appears to be improving, you so dont need this crap going on.

Another rough night for me, woke up at 2:30am with the most tgerrible upset tummy, severe pain and it all lasted for about an hour then totally exhausted I went back to sleep. Still feeling a little fragile this morning and yet again being so hard on myself for feeling unwell and out of sorts. My lovely husband, Steve, is being such a support especially with spending so much time on his own.

Sorry your daughter is not taking this very well, it is scary for us so we cannot possibly try to imagine how our kids feel. I hope she is ok.

Sending you lots of love and very gentle hugs
Tracy xxxx

been back up doc this am and they said the swelling has gone down only 1 cm but its down they want me back monday to remove dressings got news for them ill take em off myself first less pain full then they have changed my paill killers as i canrt go to the loo so like you have a bad tummy too to top it off got in the car and shut the bloody door on my arm my bad arm at that was crying me eyes out as the pain was really bad hope tomorrow will be better
hope you had a better day