Infection/rash after LD flap

I had an LD flap reconstruction about three weeks ago and developed a rash on my back and to a lesser extent the wound on the breast. The one on the back is slowly improving but the one on the front is getting worse. Saw consultant yesterday and he is worried about infection so gave me antibiotics, but just wondering if anybody else had experienced anything like this.

Hello Seafarer
Sorry to hear that you’re having problems. I had DIEP reconstruction 4 weeks ago and was healing well, but last Saturday my tummy wound opened up a little in the centre, then in another place on Tuesday. It’s been leaking ever since. Been back to dressings clinic, and there is some infection so I’m also on antibiotics. On a positive note, docs were not too concerned - apparently it’s not uncommon - but on the downside I have adhesive dressings on again and I feel like I’ve taking a step back. I need to keep going back to get it checked, it’s a long way for me (2 1/2 hours each way) so that’s dragging me down a bit too.

However, onwards and upwards! Hope that your symptoms improve quickly!

Thanks, Pianolady. I think that is what is so annoying - I feel that I’ve taken a step back. I was doing really well and expecting to have my implant expanded last week but that has had to be delayed. Also, I am just really worried that the infection is not just superficial and that I will have to have the implant removed. I know that is jumping the gun a bit, but that is what is really bothering me.
On a positive note I have just been out to buy some manuka honey which is supposed to have antibacterial properties and will try applying some of that. Onward and upward!
I do hope your wound improves - what a drag having to make a five-hour round trip.

Hi Seafarer
hope you’re doing OK today. I’m feeling a little better - even cleaned up the kitchen a bit - tried to pace myself though and not overdo it; still leaking but not so red and sore. Enjoyed the sun in the garden!
Good luck with the Manuka honey

Hi Seafarer, yes I had an infecion in ld flap 3 years ago, it happened just after I finished my chemo. Had a week in hospital on anti biotics, the ld flap developed a fistula, and the infection/ fat necrosis drained out over a 6 month period, not as bad as it sounds. The expander was never expanded and it was removed 6 months later, I now have the reconn breat just a wee bit smaller but no real prblems, its hardly noticable.

hope all goes well, sure it will xx