Hi everyone

I am 5 weeks post op mastectomy and delayed reconstruction, where they placed an expander in my chest. About 2.5 weeks after the mastectomy I needed surgery to remove the expander as I had developed an infection that made me feel not worthy of breathing and filled my drain with pussĀ  :nauseated_face: This has delayed the axillary clearance that I was also meant to have. I have had antibiotics and felt better but the cultures from the drain are still growing the same infection (pseudomonus) and the surgeon has told me that this can be life threatening if that gets into the node area so he wants to wait until until my current wounds are fully healed.Ā 

ā€˜Life threateningā€™ has terrified me more than anything and I have been looking at natural antibiotics to help me fight it. I have read that oregano oil is a good antibiotic against pseudomonus, has anyone here taken it or can suggest where I get it from? Also my skin takes ages to healā€¦can anyone recommend anything to promote my skin healing?

Any advice would be much appreciated. I have 3 weeks until the axillary clearance and want to be in tip top condition if I can.

Julia x

HiĀ @Jukat Ā 

I am sorry to read about your infection. I am certainly no expert but I read up a bit about diet to help wound healing after surgery & concluded a range of fruit & vegetables in particular containing vitamin C & minerals along with nuts & seeds containing omega oils could help. Is there an oncology dietitian you can contact for advice? Hope the infection gets better soon xx