I am 35 and have just been diagnosed with Inflammatory breast cancer on 2nd June. I am not sure about anything else yet as I have another appointment on Monday and then a CT scan on Thursday.
Anyone out there diagnosed with IBC?? Any advice etc…

Hiya, sorry to hear of your diagnosis. No doubt you are in complete shock. I was diagnosed last march at age 36 but with ductal cancer rather than imflammatory. There are a lovely group of ladies with IBC who pop onto the forums and no doubt they’ll help you when they do. In the meantime big hugs from someone ypur age knowing what you are going through. It gets better i promise.


sorry you had have had to join us, but welcome. I dont have IBC I have DCIS and invasive.

Good luck with the MRI this week.


Hi bam992

I was DX with IBC in August 08 .you are probably in total shock but you have come to the right place to ask absolutely anything you want.

The first thing I would suggest is that you do not google IBC. Information on the web is very scary and in many cases totally out of date.

There are a few of us here DX with IBC and we are a very friendly crowd, there is a sub formum for ibc Which you will find listed some way down the list to the left of the forum page.

Ask anything you want or pm me if you prefer

Be kind to yourself


Hi Bam

Very sorry you find yourself on these forums but welcome, it’s a wonderful place for support.

I was diagnosed with IBC in January and have just finished chemo and have Mx on 22nd June.

There area few of us currently undergoing treatment for IBC so you are not alone. Also ladies like Andie who are some way through their treatment and still come and offer their support.

You will find that so much in other areas of the forum will help you, whichever treatment plan you will receive, you will find ladies going through the same, also the younger women’s part of the forum may be of help. And, no matter how you feel, you will always find something on here to make you giggle too :slight_smile:

All the very best for Monday and Tuesday and just ask away.



Hi Scrapper, Andi, Stargazerlily and Tors,

Thanks so much for your kind words. It is totalling overwhelming the support already both on here and my friends.

I suppose the unknown is the scariest thing for me at the moment, the unknown of chemo, surgery, etc. I don’t like not knowing.
I have surprised myself though, I am quite OK with it, which probably sounds strange, but I can’t change it. Does that sound weird??

I did google IBC (before I was diagnosed), I think it was only natural to look!!! The best place to be is on here with people who are going through the same thing hey!!

Well, I will keep you posted on the outcome of Mondays appointment when I see the chemo dr…

Again, thanks for the kind words and support.