Info and Support for kids

Has anyone come across any good resources for info and support for kids?
I have 13 year old boy and 10 year old girl and would be interested to hear where other parents have found support for their kids. (apart fro the BCC leaflets!)


Hi Gill

There is a lot of information on the internet regarding talking to children about cancer; from how to approach the subject with a child to answering their questions in detail without frightening them.

Websites that have good, clear advice and information are:

There are three reputable web sites designed especially for children to access:

Two designed for teenagers:

And for younger children an American site recommended by some of the British cancer organisations:

Macmillan have a list of publications suitable for children to read these are:

The Secret C – Julie A. Stokes (Winston’s Wish/Macmillan Cancer Support)
This book is aimed at children and adults and explains how to cope when a member of the family has cancer. Contact Winston’s Wish Help Line 0845 2030405

Our Family Has Cancer Too! – Christine Clifford (University of Minnesota Press)
Helps children and parents explore cancer and all that it means to their family.

When Mum or Dad has Cancer – Ann Couldrick & Graham Jeffery (Sobell Pubs Oxford)
A booklet that answers the questions children may ask when a parent is seriously ill.

Badger’s Parting Gifts – S. Varley (Picture Lions Collins, 1992)
A book aimed at the under 7’s. After wise old badger dies, the other animals miss him but he lives on in all they have learned from him.

Macmillan have a new telephone helpline called the Macmillan Youthline, this offers information and support for 12 to 21 year olds with questions and concerns about cancer. Operators are trained in talking to young people and are there to provide information and support and the chance for callers to talk openly about their experiences. The number is free on 0808 808 0800 open 9am – 10pm Monday to Friday.

The Children’s Society have a web page especially for children and young people who are caring for parents or relatives. This site offers advice and support which may be helpful if a forum user is a lone parent and is undergoing treatment and only has a child or children to care for them. The link to the site is

Hope this is useful to you. Kind regards,
Jo, Facilitator

Thanks Jo, I’ll have a lot a these sites and bookmark them for my son who seems to spend more time looking at screens than talking to us!

G x

my 15 year old has just seen me on this website and commented “is there not any sites for kids to chat to other kids”. so I had a little search and found this post.

I have copied a couple of the links and ordered the free book


Got to say I ordered the book “Mummys Lump”. What a brilliant book. My girls all read it and they are aged 15 + 13 + 12. The girls read it to the little two that we foster who are aged 3 & 4, but the girls changed the names to our names. My 9 year old nephew read the book and then asked me which stage I was at.

It is an absolutely brilliant book