Info on Mastectomy Bras

Hi everyone,

A little while back I asked for some info on buying bras for my mum who had a mastectomy back in June.

Well, at my mums last chemo appointment on Tuesday I asked the breast cancer care nurse about pockets being sewn in and she advised that mum can buy bras at M&S and other high street stores who will advise her which bras are suitable for pockets to be sewn. She can then hand these in to our onocology dept in Falkirk, Scotland and they will sew her pocket in free of charge. I know not all hospitals are the same but it may be worth asking as we never knew this was possible until we asked!

Also on the subject of M&S - I was on their website and they have a section called post surgery bras but the description is not clear on what exactly that means so I emailed M&S who confirmed all their post surgery bras come with pockets and when you purchase at the checkout they deduct the VAT. Haven’t tried this yet but wanted to let you all know incase you don’t already!


Be careful in M&S as a lot of their ‘post surgery’ bras are underwired… I did email them to say that this was not suitable post mastectomy! Ther response was that the range is for all sorts of post surgery not just mastectomy. Thier website gives good clear deatails on all the bras they do in this range. Cheers!