Initial Symptoms

Hi everyone,

I am hoping to hear from those who have previously been tested/diagnosed with BC and are happy to share their experiences from initial signs and symptoms before getting diagnosed.

I found a lump in my right breast a few months ago, it is small, feels round & smooth and feels right against the bone towards the bottom, it can be difficult to feel it at times! 

I have also been getting weird uncomfortable twinges in my breast, and random little pains. Sometimes it would feel uncomfortable to lie down. Not at any particular time in the month either. 

I was just wondering if anyone had experienced similar, and what your diagnosis was?

I went to my GP last week (I know I should have gone sooner - it didn’t cross my mind that it could be BC if I’m honest). My GP has referred me to the breast clinic for further checks and I’m presuming a mammogram, but it’s driving me crazy having to wait. Constantly imagining the worst, just want to know I also haven’t told anyone yet as I don’t want to worry my friends & family over nothing, so feeling rather alone!

Thank you in advance x

Welcome to the forum Katherine.There’s a good chance that your symptoms will not lead to a breast cancer diagnosis as most breast changes are not sinister and there are a number of other explanations for lumps and weird pains , your GP will usually ere on the side of caution and refer you , that doesn’t make it any less terrifying to go through the process of having investigations though . I will post you the link to the waiting for appointments / results section of the forum , you will find lots of people going through similar . Do you have someone you could confide in , it’s horrible going through the worry with no-one to talk to . Keeping everything crossed for you .x