Inkredible free mastectomy tattoo Calendars

I am involved with a charity called inkredible and she provides from tattoo for over mastectomy scars. We have a done a calendar (I’m miss October ) and we are trying to raise support and money would it be ok for you to share the link?

Thank you in advance
The Inkredible Foundation (

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Hi Beth - wow amazing; yes I will share. Had left breast mastectomy in July, healing well. About to undertake radio, in conjunction with adjuvant chemo. Once completed in July, I’m hoping to have a tattoo - I’m flat & proud. Ana x

Wow what an amazing strong lady well katie is amazing for tattoos and hopefully when your feeling better be on a calendar with us soon x

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Ha, ha - who knows :joy: a tattoo & topless in a calendar at my age? I can see my extended family’s raised eyebrows developing now!

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Haha of cpurse its for you not them x