Insect bites

Hi All
I’ve been bitten on my lymphoedema arm (lovely) it’s a bit red around the bite and slightly more swollen buy not hot and red or anything. Just wondering whether I need to worry or not yet! I’ve taken an antihistamine and I’m not sure whether I should be wearing my sleeve or not. I’ve left a message for my lymphoedema nurse but no response yet.

Hi Goldie, this happened to me three times this year and I’ve been bitten again! Can’t believe it! On one occasion I got awful cellulitus but on two occasions was fine. I took antihistamines. I used hydrocortisone cream - this works better than the other creams. I put a bit of siltape on the bite - a plaster made things worse. I’m trying to wear my sleeve atm. But with cellulitis, it was impossible. I wore an old sleeve or lay down and then slowly reintroduced by usual garment. The swelling was awful but has gone down a lot. I also phoned my nurse - she advised the old sleeve, but think I learned myself how to manage. Rattles x

PS what I meant by learning myself is that there is not enough help and support! X

That’s brilliant
Thanks Rattles xxxxxxxx

Hi Goldie, how’s your bite today? Mine is sore but no worse. I had some antibiotic cream from my cellulitis but it has made a massive difference. Rattles

I don’t think it’s infected thankfully the area around it is swollen but it’s not red and hot.
I had to leave the sleeve off yesterday but then managed to wear it today. So taking a antihistamine and putting antiseptic cream on it seems to have contained it.
thank you so much for your tips and support Rattles. You’re a total guru ?