Insitu or Invasive, results Friday.

Hi lovely ladies (and gents should there be any)

Diagnosed last Friday with high grade DCIS. Only had surgery for infected milk ducts so the cancer has come as a massive shock (even my consultant was surprised at what he found). So far i have to have a full mastectomy on right breast and radiotherapy. Now that they have found the DCIS in my right breast they have done mammogram on both breasts, chest xray and bloods. Get results this Friday at 10.30. We have a holiday in Crete booked for 29th August and I’m worried we may not be able to go. How long after diagnosis do you get your date for surgery? 


Terrified of seeing my consultant Friday. They are looking for invasive cancer in both breasts which will then determine if I need chemotherapy and a double mastectomy.  On a brighter note Macmillan nurse has mentioned I may be able to get a tummy tuck and the fat used for reconstruction. Has anyone else had this done?


Family and close friends now know and i feel so much guilt for being the bearer of such bad news. Is guilt normal?

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Hi Ablondemoment,
None of us want to worry our loved ones, so yes, there can be some guilt feelings, but let them go! Thankfully, this has been picked up & now you & your team are getting it dealt with.
Do let your surgeon know about your holiday plans, as they can then take it into account when setting the date. There are quite a few ladies here who have continued with holidays, as a few weeks here or there does not make any difference.
The nurse was probably talking about the Diep Flap reconstruction if you go to ‘surgery’ in the going through treatment board, then you’ll be able to chat to others there who’ve had it done.
ann x

I too felt guilty. I felt I was letting everyone down. Family, friends and work etc. As the treatment progressed I felt bad for worrying people so much. I think it’s par for the course. But guilt is a very negative emotion and we have to shrug those feelings off. Be strong and good luck on your journey.

Hi,yes I think we all feel a bit guilty for putting our families through this and not being able to be the person we were whilst going through treatment.It is anxiety provoking and draining .

Hi Ablondemoment, sorry to hear of your diagnosis and glad you found our wonderful forum where you can get all the support you need. I’m 48 and was diagnosed with invasive locally advanced BC at the end of March. I’m on my 5th of 8 chemos before surgery, rads and hormone inhibitors. I felt the same guilt as you. It’s normal. I felt like I was going to break news which would make everyone sad and all I want to do is make people happy. You have to detach yourself from the feelings of others a little as you have enough to cope with yourself without feeling the need to manage the feelings of others. I find them jobs to do so they feel they are contributing. I referred my Mum to the breast unit nurse for counselling so she had somewhere to go and cry away from me as I couldn’t cope with that.  It sounds harsh (and feels harsh) but you need to put yourself first.  Once you know your treatment plan you can join the treatment threads on here to network with others going through the same treatment at the same time as you. This has saved my sanity! Hugs and best wishes to you as you start your journey. Xx

Hi there. I find out last Friday and told them I had a holiday booked and they’ve said it’ll make no difference with my treatment so I’m to go ahead and enjoy the break! I go to zambia on Sunday and then my surgery (double mx) is booked for week I get back!

I’m also erring towards the DIEP (after much research on here! ). not only cos the tummy tuck sound’s like a bonus for all this pain! but also cos I’m scared that rads will compromise implants and I’m trying to avoid future surgery if I can.

hope you’re able to get your holiday in for some R&R before the journey starts. here if you need to talk. big hugs. jacqui x

I delayed surgery I am currently in turkey with op scheduled for .8th day after I come back was diagnosed on 21st June xx consultant assured me not detrimental to my health so I hope you can still have your holiday xx

Thanks everyone for your kind words and support. Means more than in can say. Just to speak with like-minded people is such a help. Fingers crossed we can still go away, feel like I need this time away with my very new fiance (we only got engaged 3rd July). We need time to get our heads round what we have been told so far and what treatment lies ahead. Big hugs and thanks to everyone who has commented.

Jen I am thank you xx blonde just to say that I was concerned about if I had made the right decision and the lovely ladies helped me to put things in perspective I am relaxed and feel ready to battle on my return x don’t get me wrongs it’s not all rosy I have still had. Mini meltdowns but generally speaks I made the right decision xxx

Just been diagnosed with stage 2 lobular invasive carcinoma oestrogen receptor positive

I’m going for my M R I scan on 15th August won’t know what I’ve got to have done till then my biopsy showed I’ve got invasive lobular carcinoma B5b
Provisionally grade 2 oestrogen receptor positive Her to follow just have to wait now I’m 73

Thanks for the information hope you recover soon youself big huggs from me xx

Thanks for you’re surport and I hope you get better soon yourself love Tina xx

No I’ve not got a treatment plan yet till my m r I scan on the 15th August