Insomnia improved

Hi, I read on this forum that taking Letrozole at night instead of the morning may help with insomnia. Tried about 2 weeks ago and it’s worked a treat. So thanks to whoever posted it. Hope this helps others suffering with insomnia.

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Thank you for posting this. I have terrible insomnia so will give switching my Letrozole from morning to night in the hope it may help :heart:

I tried to post yesterday on the forum asking for advice regarding insomnia. I have been taking letrozole since last sept. The worst side effect is the insomnia . I do take it after my dinner at night . I was told by my GP to try an herbal remedy but not sure if that work help or not. Does anyone have any advice please

Why don’t you try taking it later when you get into bed. It’s worked for me!

Ok I will try that

Thank you for sharing your experience and tip about taking Letrozole at night to help with insomnia during breast cancer treatment. It’s wonderful to hear that it’s made a positive difference for you. Your contribution to the forum may indeed help others who are struggling with similar sleep issues.

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Wishing you continued improvement in your sleep and strength as you navigate through your treatment journey.


Thanks ladies for this, I’ve been taking Letrozole for a few weeks now and am not sleeping at all well.

I’m confused though that by taking it at bedtime the insomnia would get better - wouldn’t it actually make it worse ? Taking a pill that causes insomnia just before trying to sleep ?

I had been taking it at night and then today changed to taking it this morning as I thought that taking it as I went to bed (10pm’ish) might be part of the problem. That was before I read this post.

I’d really like to hear how it’s working, or not, for you all as right this moment I’d literally kill like to get a good nights :roll_eyes: :rofl:

thanks, Bee x

I know it seems strange that the insomnia improves when taking Letrazole at night. Don’t really understand it but it’s something to do with the disruption of the sleep hormone Melatonin.

How long after starting did the insominia start?
I’ve just started taking mine three nights ago?


Think it was a couple of weeks before I noticed the insomnia

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Thanks moobloo, it is counter intuitive isn’t it !

I’ve been taking mine just before bed for 2 weeks, didn’t take last nights and switched to morning today.

I’m getting joint aches (hips mainly) and headaches/a bit light headed as my main side effects along with the problems sleeping. Am hoping if I can sleep properly again (never a problem before) then it’ll be easier to deal with the other side effects.

I also know I need to give it time to settle down too but am a tad impatient :roll_eyes: … just want to feel normal again !