Since I started FEC treatment I am suffering from insomnia. I’ve now had 5 out of 6 treatment and seem to be sleeping less and less. Is anyone else experiencing this? I’m also taking anti depressants and wonder if these combined with the cocktail of chemo, anti sickness drugs and steroids is causing this. It’s not that I lie awake worrying I just don’t seem to be tired!

Hello Lady that Lunches,
Your avatar is fantatsic!!

Insomnia… yes, I remember it well. St Eroid, the patron saint of Insomnia, who helps prevent sickness but repays us with wakefulness. A lot of people are told to take all their steroids by mid afternoon (my hopsital was adamant otherwise, insisting they be spaced out through the day) and this may help.

Anxiety and fear feed insomnia too, so it can be a vicious circle. I had my chemo before I started using the forums, but there are a few ‘up all night’ threads that some poeple post on when they can’t sleep. What I did do, was get up, get a cuppa and find something gentle to occupy my mind - it helped me feel better even if it didn’t always help me drop off.

Nap in the day if you need to (and can cope with it) or at least take a rest. There is an end to this sleep deprived state… and you will soon be there.

Take care, this will soon be over and spring will come again.