Insomnia Hi girls

I’m currently on EC chemo (just had first cycle last week) and don’t seem to be able to get a full night’s sleep, anyone got any tips or advice please ? I have a few solid hours - about 3 or 4 then lay awake with the munchies and have to have something to eat usually a banana or a yogurt drink or something. I think I will finish up with a small hamper by the side of my bed eventually. I also feel at my worst first thing in the morning, has anyone else experienced this ?

Any suggestions gratefully received. Even tried staying up later watching telly, but that doesn’t work either.

Diane x

Insomnia I had the same problem after my first cycle of taxotere and had to get some sleeping tabs from the gp. However, I never actually took them because I didn’t have the sleeplessness subsequently. Maybe I was just comforted by having them there in case!

The gp told me that it’s a common problem with chemo, which affects the brainwaves!

Hi Diane I was prescribed zopiclone by doctor. It is low dose and doesn’t leave you feeling tired in the morning. I think worrying about not sleeping makes it worse as then you can’t sleep. If you take them for a few nights just to re-establish sleep pattern. Love Eileen

Hi Diane

My Onc gives me 4 lorazapam tabs to take after chemo to help me sleep and control the sickness, steriods toatally knock out your sleep for a few days after chemo.


thanks for your replies thanks girls for replying. Some good news is that I actually managed a decent night’s sleep last night, apart from the usual awakenings to go to the loo. The only thing that has changed is that hubby has gone back to work (he works away) so have bed to myself. What a difference !

I’m afraid he will have to get used to sleeping alone for a while - I’m off to the single bed from now on.

Take care everyone
Diane x